Monday, November 3, 2008

Money Monday

I've been thinking all weekend about what I have done to save money lately and honestly I couldn't really come up with much.

I have been better about not spending so much money. At least on crap.

I have also been using Ella's 6 month dresses as tops and putting them with a pair of jeans. It actually looks pretty cute.

We have also been trying to win the Monopoly game at McDonald's so every day, on work's dime, Cody has been going to McDonald's for lunch so that we can get some game pieces. So far though, we aren't winners:(

Since it has been so nice here I have been putting some clothes outside to dry. Especially the cloth diapers. This really helps to freshen them up and the sun is a natural bleaching agent so it whitens up the diapers also.

What have you done to save money this week?

I am in desperate need of some money saving tips!


Clare said...

i have been trying to do my christmas shopping early! chris and i found the greatest website last year: they are always having amazing sales and most of the stuff gets free shipping! We already bought a number of things for Bradley and my nephew! I have been trying to avoid target like the plague....that is my biggest money sucker:)

Shannon said...

That sounds great, Heather! I love putting my cloth diapers outside on the line too - which is why I hate that it's so cold now and I can't do it :-( It really does bleach them so well. This week I have been really good about saving money buying groceries and not buying anything prepackaged. I made a bunch of soups and made all the baby's food, so I *think* it saved us a few bucks this week!!

Robin said...

I wish I could put our clothes out to dry...but I'd be waiting forever for all 7 of us!
Some things I do to save money:
1. At Mcdonalds, I don't buy happy meals-I let them pick from the dollar menu and buy a huge thing of fries for them to split-It saves us about $10 for our crew.
2.I make as many homemade meals as possible (outings are usually a treat).I have some recipes, if you're interested.
3. I go on the back of Target aisles for the clearance rack-espescially for gifts. (I got a $20 pic for someone for $5-that's a bargain)
4. I shop Jeans at Sears for the kids and I am on their KidAdvantage program-if they get a rip-they replace it (same size) FREE!!! And with the boys, we just pass down brand new jeans!! It's saved us ALOT!
I hope this helps! With 7 of us, budgeting is crucial!!

Lisa said...

I've been cooking more. Less eating out. And we're eating cheaper. More soups and chicken. When it comes to lunch, mine is often leftovers.

What's funny is if I want to save money I stay away from Target and I even go to the grocery store less. Because when I go to either I buy stuff we don't need. And often, I'll find stuff in the back of the freezer I didn't know we had. So that puts off grocery shopping for a few days at least. ;-)

Some people think we're freaks but we also don't have cable. We get Netflix.

And when it comes to clothes for my son I'll buy summer stuff that's on clearance now a few sizes too big. (We don't do designer brands either.) He's got some shirts he's worn for at least 2 years because shirts can still be worn if they're a bit big.

I don't know if that helps...

Jodi said...

I was doing well trying to save money. . clipping coupons and buying Kroger brand things, although Ryan says the Toasty O's are not as good as Cheerio's. Then, I have to spend $200 on medications and supplements, so that all went out the window. Plus, I'm needing to eat organic whenever possible because my body is very sensitive to chemicals, etc. Organic is just another word for expensive. . .so I've got nothin' for you. I have no idea how to save money anymore (I do avoid Target as well after we ran some reports in Microsoft Money.

Jami said...

You started your posting by saying you couldn't think of anything to write about, but it sounds like you are doing a great job of coming up with creative ways to save money! I have no tips to offer, but enjoy reading about yours!

Mamasphere said...

Turning dresses into shirts is a great idea. I still try to do that with Gabi. Or put leggings/jeans under dresses that aren't shirt length, but starting to show her toosh when she runs.

I think I'm going to have to nix Target for a while.

Leslie said...

I just found your blog and I wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and your family as you push through this obstacle together, making you stronger and stronger each day.

Heather said...

I haven't been to Target in ONE month. I make myself go to the Walmart that is right down the street. I usually hurry up and get my things because I HATE that store. So no extra shopping for me there. We have also been eating at home. It is just better and saves lots.

Sally said...

I've been trying to do a couple things recently to avoid buying new stuff. I cleaned out my freezer and found a bunch of meat I forgot I had, so I'm trying to use that up. I also dug through my pantry, and I'm trying to make meals out of what we already have, instead of buying more.

And, I'm trying to use up hair care and face products I have in the cupboard that I shove to the back when I find something more exciting. I have enough of some things to last a year, I think!

My bottom line - I'm trying to use up what I already have before I buy more. =)

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