Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our First Boo-Boo

On Thursday (11/20/08), I had to head to my appt with my oncologist so Daddy stayed home with the kids.

Usually this goes well.

Usually I have my cell phone with me.

Usually I am in and out of the Dr's office within an hour and a half.

Thursday was not a usual day.

I forgot my cell phone.

My appt lasted FOR.EV.ER! Seriously, I was there for 2 hours. I was not happy.

When I FINALLY got home, Daddy yelled at me for forgetting my cell. Then he said, "We've already been to the emergency room." At first I thought he was kidding. Then I saw Kyler's chin.

Apparently, Kyler fell when he was getting into his chair and he landed on his chin.

Of course, Ella was sleeping.

Of course, Daddy did not have any car seats in his car.

So, while Daddy put the car seats in the car, Kyler held a towel to his chin.

Then he got Ella dressed and ready to go.

On the drive Daddy reminded Kyler of how brave and tough he was, and Kyler's response was "I know Daddy, I am tough, I am brave."

Upon arrival to the Drs office, Dr. P said that they usually glue cuts on the chin and that stitches are not required, apparently after seeing the cut on Kyler's chin he changed his mind and put stitches in.

In order to get the stitches in it took Kyler being wrapped up in a blanket like a straitjacket, and three nurses, plus Daddy in order to hold him down to get the stitches in.

Daddy tried hard to calm Kyler down, he even asked Kyler to sing his ABC's. Kyler did-at the top of his lungs! Silly boy!

Overall, Kyler proved to be a very brave young man.

And I have vowed to never, ever leave Kyler again!


Melissa said...

poor little guy!

poor Daddy too! it sucks that this had to happen on his watch!

Sally said...

oh my gosh! what a day! I'm so glad Kyler is ok1

I've left the house w/ the car seat still in my car, and the whole time I'm out I'm thinking, "what if something happen and Daddy needs to take the boy in...and I have the car seat??"

Kristen said...

poor little thing!!!

Glad to hear that he was infact such a brave tough little guy. And I would be just like you, no need to ever leave him again! :)

Chelle said...

Oh, no! Poor Kyler! I'm glad he's doing okay, poor little man :(

Wendy @ Ruen's on the Run said...

Poor guy! I don't know how they use to live without cell phones. I hate it when either of us leave the house without remembering our phones.

Shana said...

Oh no!! This SO sounds like something that would happen to me! Daddy might never want to stay with them again!!!! J/K

Noob Mommy said...

Thank goodness everything is ok! What a champ! I also leave the house with carseat in tow and start dreaming up horrible situations :( Yelling at hubby right now.

Christy said...

Poor little guy. I hope his boo-boo is feeling better soon.

Wendi said...

Poor Kyler and Poor Daddy!
I hate it when that happens.
But sometimes it is *secretly* nice that Daddy gets to see what we do in a day.
Hope Kyler is feeling better and heals quickly!

Tammy said...

Aww..poor little man! Kaden did the same thing when he was three!

Hope it heals quick!

Laural Out Loud said...

That's crazy! The one time you leave your phone is always the one time you really need it. And what a brave boy you have, poor little thing. He seems to really dig his camo bandaid, though, lol.

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Poor little guy! I am always afraid that something like that will happen when Josh and Carter are at home together...they always get rougher than I like!

amanda said...

oh poor all of you!!!

pretty sure you are right though, leaving kyler is not allowed :)

Beth said...

I am so happy to hear that Kyler is ok!!! Don't beat yourself up too much! Daddy did an awesome job and everything worked out! :) Praying for you!

Becks said...

Awe poor little guy! He is strong and brave! Poor daddy too.. having that stress. I swear I always forget my cell when I actually need to use it!

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