Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I am not amused!
Any guesses what we are working on at our house?
We aren't stressing about it to much. It will happen when it happens. I'm honestly not in any huge hurry. We use cloth most of the time so diapers aren't costing use any money (any more!) so I figure we might as well wait until he is ready. I'm not sure I can handle the stress of forcing him!

Mommy and Baby Deegan

Ella is a natural cowgirl!

Look at all these toys! And Ella loves to carry around the container of plastic food!
Best $10 I ever spent!
So easy to amuse!


Jenn said...

Great pictures, I can't get over how she runs around like such a big girl!

amanda said...

isn't amazing how their favorite toys are what the "toy" actually came in??

silly babies :)

Chelle said...

Love all the pics! Yay for potty training! Is he excited about it?
I love her cowgirl pic, too--so cute!

Melissa said...

great pics!

the one of your dog is hilarious! her expression says it all!

good luck with the potty training.

Clare said...

so cute heather, i love the dog with necklace on...adorable!

All these B's and Me! said...

So funny! I would have to say "potty training".. I dunno.

Wendi said...

I am laughing at the pug's expression wearing that necklace!
clearly, she is not enjoying it!
Potty training?
Glad you aren't worried about it.
You shouldn't.
It happens when it does.
Congratulations to Kyler for trying.
That's a huge step!

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