Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve Morning

This year Santa came to our house on Christmas Eve.

It took some special doing and lots of letters to Santa, but I finally convinced him to come to our house on Christmas Eve because we would be heading out of town early on Christmas Day. I guess I gave a pretty convincing argument because he agreed:)

Thanks Santa!

The tree pre-Kyler and Ella!

Ella pushing her new baby stroller.
Ella and Kyler examing a new toy.

Kyler playing with his new Thomas the Train airport that he received from Santa.

Isn't he a handsome young man! I could seriously kiss those cheeks ALL DAY LONG!!


Becks said...

Soo sweet! Love the pics! Santa sure is nice for coming early!

Jen :) said...

I got Hunter that music table for his 1st birthday and then I put it under the tree for Kira this year! They both love it! It was good seeing you yesterday! We need to get together more often! Take care!

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