Sunday, December 7, 2008

Slipping and Sliding

Yesterday I brought out the big guns.

Yep, the Little Tikes slide. I didn't know how Ella would do with the slide, but she LOVED it!

She struggled a little with going up the stairs on the slide, but had a grand time going up the slide part! Silly girl.

I have to admit, this little lady amazes me EVERY.SINGLE.DAY by what she can do. Sometimes I just sit and watch her. Totally in awe at what an amazing little gal she is.

Thank you Ella for being you. I love you.

Ella going UP the slide!
Yes, her eyes really are THAT blue! Gorgeous aren't they!

She loved sliding down the slide, but she kept wanting to turn over and go down on her tummy!

Good thing she has HUGE feet. The better to grip the slide with! Just like a little monkey!


Wendi said...

How cute is she?
Love the photos of her sliding!
Way to go Ella!

Christy said...

Izzy tries to climb up our slide too. It makes me nervous, so I put socks on him to keep him from climbing. These crazy little monkeys!

Kristen said...

How cute!!

I wish we lived in the midwest for a basement. I would totally bring ours in too.

She is so darn cute!! Love that she is loving the slide!

amanda said...

i was totally going to say what a cute monkey, and then i scrolled down and you said it!!

love it :)

Shannon said...

Love it! Look at her big huge eyes in that second picture - gorgeous!

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