Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Baby is One!

Dear Ella,
Today you are one. You are no longer a chubby baby girl. You have grown into a tall, skinny, beautiful toddler. You are walking, running, talking, and feeding yourself. My how you have grown!
*You are one of the prettiest little girls I have ever seen. I realize that I might be a little biased, but in my defense your Grandma agrees:)
*You can say mama, dada, ball, ba-ba (Belle), hi, bye, Grandma, Grandpa, and bath.
*When I ask you what sound a sheep makes you say baaaa. And when I ask you where your ears are you point to them.
*You love to blow kisses, wave bye-bye, and drink from your bottle.
*You mastered the sippy cup and straw awhile ago, and you have now moved on to the big girl cup. With some assistance you do a wonderful job of drinking from a cup. It's actually quite impressive! You have recently discovered your love for Diet Pepsi and although I do my best at hiding mine from you, you always seem to find it and "demand" a drink!
*You love to listen to books, play with your dollies, and tackle your brother.
*As much as I want you to be a girly-girl I am pretty sure I am going to lose that battle. I don't care what toys you play with, as long as you are wearing pink and have a bow in your hair, I am happy :)
*You are a very sweet little lady and you are always there with a big hug and kiss. My favorite time of day is when you wake up in the morning. I go in to get you and this huge smile spreads across your face. It's like you have missed me all night long and are so happy to see me. It warms my heart.
*Thank you my pretty Princess for this last year. You are truly wonderful. I love you.

1 day old

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months

10 months

11 months

1 Year Old!!


Lindsay said...

such a sweet post! I love the monthly photos! Looks like she had a great big brother to share the day with :-)

Melissa said...

that was a wonderful post, one that I'm sure she will treasure when she's older!

Happy Birthday, Ella! I hope you have a fantabulous year!

Jenn said...

That was a great post! Hope she has a fun day !

Carolyn said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Ella!! I love all the pictures! Ella is very beautiful!! Happy Bday!!!!!

Shana said...

What a sweet post!! Happy Birthday Ella!!!

Christy said...

Happy birthday big girl!

Kerry said...

Happy Birthday, Ella! You are growing into a gorgeous little toddler!

Sally said...

Happy Birthday, Ella!

Clare said...

happy birthday ella!!! i love her new kitchen, so cute! she is the most adorable baby, and i love all of her tutu shots!

Julia said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Ella!
Laura and Family

Laural Out Loud said...

Hurray for One Year! Happy Birthday, Ella!

That first birthday seems to come out of nowhere, doesn't it. She looked adorable in her tutu! And she'll LOVE those pictures when she's older.

Austen's Mama said...

oh that 4 month picture just cracks me up!!! my son will be 4 months next saturday and i CANNOT get a picture of him without half his hand in his mouth! hahaha!! this was such a sweet post... makes me really look forward to all the months to come with my lil guy. love your blog girlie!!! have a great weekend!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday sweet Ella! I love her 3 month picture..does it get any cuter than that? :)

All these B's and Me! said...

Happy 1st birthday to sweet Ella!

The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

Happy Birthday Ella!!!!

Also Heather, I wanted to let you know that I had a check up with my dermatologist recently. I made that appointment because YOU taught me the importance of it. Your story will change the lives of so many people!! I appreciate you sharing!!


Patrice said...

Happy Birthday Ella!! Adorable pictures!! :)

Wendi said...

What a sweet letter to your daughter!
Love it.
Happy Birthday Ella!
(albeit a little late)

Anonymous said...

I'm just getting caught up on things in your world and I can't believe Ella is already One!!!!!! Time goes too fast!! She is so beautiful Heather! Just like her mommy.


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