Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our Weekend Getaway

This weekend Cody and I had a little alone time. We flew to Wisconsin for a Life Celebration of one of Cody's friends. They had a wonderful turnout and it was nice to hear all the wonderful stories about Cody's friend. He was a very well loved man.

The hardest part for me, however, was leaving my two babies for two whole nights. The longest I have ever been away from them is one night. So two nights in a row was a little rough on me. I don't like being away from my kids. At all. Some days running to the store is hard on me! I just miss them so much. If running to the store is hard on me, imagine how much of a wreck I was being away from them for two whole days!! In my defense, I think I did pretty good. I only called 7 times and cried twice. Not too bad. Right?

Of course, we returned home and they were perfectly fine. Kyler and I have been cuddling all evening and when Ella slows down long enough, she gets some cuddles in too!


Clare said...

so nice to get some alone time, but I hear you! i miss bradley after an hour class at the gym!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you got some alone time! Enjoy catching up on snuggles! I don't think 7 is bad!!!!

Melissa said...

That was so nice for you guys to get some alone time, but I hear you on missing the kids! I haven't left Kingston overnight at all and the only time I left him for anything was when I had my gall-bladder sugery, but I was home within 6 hours. I dread the day that I have to leave him overnight. That's why he'll probably still be breastfed till he's two so that I don't have to think about till then! ;o)

Dana said...

Aww, good for time alone. We've only been away from ours for 1 night, and it doesn't really seem to count, cause it wasn't even a whole 12 hours.
It's good to get that miss you feeling though, makes you remember how much you love them.

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