Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bed Bug

Lately, the adorable little stinker pictured below has been bed hopping. He starts out in his bed and "magically" appears in our bed in the middle of the night.

To be perfectly honest, I don't mind. I like being close to him. I like cuddling with him. I like him being near me. But, I also know that it's not good for him or for my marriage.
The bed hopping first started when I was diagnosed with cancer. When a 30 year old mother of two finds out that she has stage IV melanoma cancer, you kind of freak out. All sorts of things flash through your mind. One of them being your children. Stage IV cancer is scary. Most people don't make it. I thought I might be one of those people. When that thought crosses your mind you want your children as close to you as they can possibly get. This includes bed time.
I am torn. On one hand I want to get him back to sleeping in his own bed. On the other hand I need him. I need him near me. Ella and Kyler have been my rocks through all this. I want to be near them as much as possible. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

hmm thats a tough one.. Not sure what advice to give you. How dose your husband feel about having Kyler in the bed? Maybe you could have a sleep over in Kyler's bed every now and then? I am sure you will make just the right decision :-)

Shana said...

Gosh, Heather. This is a hard one! I am normally not a fan of co-sleeping but in this situatiion I would feel the exact same way you do!!! Nobody can blame you! Maybe have a special night or two that is designated for Kyler? Maybe he is allowed to sleep with you on the weekends or something? A compromise of some sort....Wish I could be more help. Sorry!!

Christy said...

If you don't mind having him in your bed, then the more the merrier. I, on the other hand, have trouble sleeping when my kids come to bed with us. Otherwise we would probably still be co-sleeping.

Clare said...

I like the idea of weekend snuggles or in the morning on the weekends...it might be hard though. i think it is OK for now. do what feels right!

Aimee said...

I found your blog from a friend's site. I just wanted to ease your mind. My brother (now 27) and I (now 32) slept with my parents frequently growing up. They didn't wig out about it, just welcomed us in when we came to their room. I do the same now with my kiddos. Obviously you don't want it to get crazy out of hand but my theory is, start them off in their own bed. When they come up to snuggle...embrace and enjoy the time. My brother and I are both well adjusted adults and I haven't heard lately of any adult children sleeping in their parents' bed. :)

Melinda said...

Is he having night terrors?

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