Monday, May 4, 2009

Exploration Place Visit

Lately I have been feeling pretty good. Really good in fact. I have been loving it. The kids and I have been having a blast playing and hugging and kissing:)

Since Saturday was our last day with the munchkins for the week Cody and I wanted to do something really fun with them. It was raining (of course) so the zoo was out. After some thinking we decided to take the kids to Exploration Place. Exploration Place is a fabulous museum type of place with all different exhibits that the kids can actually play with and explore. The kids (and Daddy) loved all the different exhibits and I loved seeing the looks on their faces as they checked out each different station.

As you can see in the pictures below, everyone had a fabulous day. Thanks kids for the wonderful memories. We will definitely be doing something like this each Saturday before we have to head down to Houston. It makes for some wonderful memories for all of us.

Ella and Mommy in the castle.
Daddy trying out the rope maze.

Kyler trying out the rope maze. He didn't quite do it right but oh well. He had fun and that's all that matters!

Ella totally cheating on the fabric banner maze. Silly girl, you don't go under the fabric!

Ella found herself a baby! Big surprise!

Kyler aiming a real airplane propeller on a wall of shimmering metal discs to create 40-foot tall wind patterns.

Kyler enjoying the train table. I wonder if he knows that he have one of these in the playroom!

Ella looking through the talking sunflower. Do you think she looks a little freaked out?

Ella is throughly enjoying the water table in the little kids section. I'm pretty sure she would have stayed here all day long!

Kyler and Ella playing very nicely together! See, it does happen!

Kyler riding the horse that goes down the track. Both kids loved this. We totally need one of these at home!

Ella planting veggies in the garden.

Kyler enjoyed riding the horsey that didn't anywhere too!


Anonymous said...

Yay for having a great day! You look wonderful :-). That Exploration place looks like a blast!

Tricia Nugen said...

Yay! honey! The tigers are coming next weekend to the zoo! We'll be home on the 22nd maybe we can catch up!

Melissa said...

That looks like so much fun! What a great idea to take them somewhere fun the day before you have to leave! That will for sure give them some great memories!

Christy said...

We have a museum this this in Jersey too. I have a family membership. We go at least one or twice per month. SO FUN!

amanda said...

looks like a wonderful day! and looks like on our next trip down, we have a new place to visit :)

Clare said...

missed reading about you! our life is crazy right now with the move coming up:) that exploration studio looks awesome!

fortyb4forty said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun.

Chris said...

That place looks awesome! Glad you had a nice weekend.

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