Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Not So Happy Birthday

To All Heather's Faithfull Readers (from Cody) :

Today Heather has been a little out of it and slept most of the day. Yesterday was a very long day, as you could tell from the post yesterday we had a rather intersting meeting with the doctor in which it was hard to distinguish if it was a good meeting or not, but we are going to assume all is good for now. After the doctors appointment came the true excitment and why there was very little sleep of last night. We waited in the waiting room to be admitted in the hospital for hours. This is not unusual, as when we generally go through admission it takes hours from the doctor's appointment until actual admission. This time though, Heather went and checked on the status after a couple of hours and got news that we probably would not get a room tonight, which sent us into a minor panic, but really what could we do. Heather got a call a few mintues later and they got us a room ---Hooray it was 6:00 PM and we were getting to our room.

This is where the fun begins:

When we got to the room there was no bed and the room had not been cleaned very thoroughly. Come to find out the previous patient had to go to ICU and was transported in the bed and house keeping did a quick clean on the room. After the room was cleaned and a bed found we got settled.

After another few hours of waiting a very nice nurse told us there was an accident in our admission and the floor that they put us on could not handle the chemo that Heather is on. They were working out a swap in which a pateint from the floor we needed to be on was going to one floor and then our upstairs room was cleaned, and then we would get to move upstairs. We knew this was going to be quite a process, and it was. At about 1:00 this morning we finally got transferred to the proper room and Heather's chemo started around 2:30.

Heather and I had discussed how this year's birthday would not count since she was going o be on chemo during her birthday which is no way to spend it. When we noticed the drugs hadn't started by midnight Heather was mad as she thinks this birthday counts since the drugs were not started. I am going to give her a free pass on the day as she has suffered from a form of exhaustion most of the day and rested a lot. It seems nurses in chemo wards don't really believe in sleep as everytime she goes to sleep someone comes in the room within a couple minutes.

There have been many nice surprises of the day for Heather. She got a Webkinz Panda and balloon set from her parents, a birthday card from my parents, and a birthday cake from house keeping.

Heather, I love you very much and we will get through this. I wish you a happy day, and we will have a birthday do-over when we get home. Who knows I might even arrange a surprise for you when I get there.

I Love You



Lindsay said...

oo Birthday is definitely a do over!

Chris said...

She is very lucky to have you, Cody. Tell Heather to keep fighting and she will have many more {much better} birthdays!

Clare said...

your are such a sweet hubby!! happy birthday heather, we love you and are praying for you!!

Christy said...

Happy birthday friend!

Melissa said...

Aww, Cody, you're so sweet!

Happy birthday to Heather! Here's to a happy birthday do-over!

SWOfem said...

Don't you know we are still 29! Only after 10 more years are we going to admit to 35. :) It is the "new math!"

Tina Cahill said...

Happy Birthday! You are an inspiration to me and I wish you well through the chemo!

fortyb4forty said...

Happy Birthday!

Ellie Grace and Bennett said...

Happy birthday friend! Life is crazy here (as always), but I would love to come by tomorrow and see you. Let me know if you feel up to it.

Purple Quilter Queen said...

That Cody is one special husband! How sweet! Hope you have a great makeup Birthday Heather! Stay strong - Jenn

Shana said...

A do-over is definitely a MUST! I would love to come see you while you are here if you feel like it. Let me know. Hope you are getting some rest!

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