Saturday, May 30, 2009

Once in a While, in the Middle of an Ordinary Life, Love Gives us a Fairy Tale

To Heather:

(I will apologize before hand as I know to all the reader's of Heather's blog that this will come off as I am a total pansy and not read like the normal rugged, mountain man that I appear to be)

May 31 ( I know this is posted a little early) is the 6 year wedding anniversary for Heather and me. Now, normally, we would spend today in sunny location enjoying the festivities of the area, (the past few years we have been in Phoenix for our anniversary) followed by a meal and drinks at the Hard Rock. This year we are in a location that fits all of the above criteria, but getting away to do those things is quite difficult. And while this could be looked at in a negative light, I find comfort in the fact that at a bare minimum we get to spend this day together and not away from each other.

As with any couple we have been through a lot and have become stronger and closer with every step we have taken. You are an amazing person who has, and will continue to, overcome the odds. I think many people see and have recognized the beauty that you have, but you are truly a one of a kind person, whom can handle nearly everything. Sometimes things have and will be challenging, but I know that together we can find the path to travel.

I often reflect, when I am travelling, about the times we have shared together. All of these memories are cherished. I remember the tears of joy in our eyes when both Kyler and Ella were born. How we stood beside each other when Otis, one of our beloved pups, passed. I often reflect on when we first met, that fateful night, the first few years we spent together, and how our lives have changed so dramatically, but at the same time grown much closer. Now as the current period has been filled frustration and unknowing, ultimately we know that with out a doubt we will be there for each other, the kids, and the rest of the family.

In the past I have tried to give you something that is not just a gift, but is relaxing and meaningful. But this year I can't find the item does what I want it too - something that gives you a moment of peace and/or usefulness, and tells you how special you really are.

While it has only been 6 years, which is a relatively short amount of time, I am going to try to take a bold step forward. With everything that has happened in the recent past, the experiences we have shared, and the closer bond that has come from it.

Heather, my "gift" to you is the following question - "Will you be willing to take my hand in marriage for the second time?"

I love you with all my heart,


For the brief update of how Heather is doing:

She has been doing OK over the past few days. She has suffered through some fever and chills. Friday night she suffered through some low blood pressure. We are hoping that she does not have an infection. She is in good spirits, aside from the nurse that keeps waking her up the moment she falls asleep. Hopefully we get to come home on Tuesday night. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.


Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Thank you honey for the very sweet post. Of course I would marry you again. I would marry you a 100 more times.

Lewis Family said...

Wow Heather, you have quite an amazing husband. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Me said...

Absolutely stunning...

It takes more of a man to open himself up and be vulnerable.

Blessings to you guys

Shana said...

So THAT'S what you were up to =) Very sweet!

Chris said...

So very sweet, Cody. Congrats on 6 years!

The Snyders said...

WOW, beautiful wedding picture, beautiful words and beautiful thoughts. Gave me the chills.

As usual you are still in my thoughts and prayers.
Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

awww such a sweet post.. thank you for letting us be a part of such a wonderful moment! Happy Anniversary!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

man he's a keeper! jenn
Have a great anniversary!

Jodi said...

What an amazing post, Cody. Heather, both of us may have been through more than most people our age (not too many 31 year olds have had to bury their child or fight cancer) but, we do have amazing husbands to get us through it. That is such a blessing. Happy Anniversary

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Cody and Heather. I know you would not have chosen to be in the hospital for your anniversary but it is wonderful to see how grateful you are to be together.

SWOfem said...

Not a pansy, just a man with the strength to show how in love he is with his wonderful wife, and that is a great thing.

Jen :) said...


This post was so sweet! It's so nice to see that sweet side :D I hope today is a better day for you Heather. Congratulations on your anniversary. We'll see you guys soon!

Ellie Grace and Bennett said...

You at both such a blessing to each other and to everyone you meet. Wow...another wedding means another fancy Honeymoon!!! :) Thank you for letting us visit even though you were feeling bad. You are an inspiration...both of you!

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