Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Happenings

My happenings really don't include very much. I am really tired and find it difficult to get out of bed. Cody has really been a single parent these last few days. I am seriously so very, very lucky to have such a wonderful husband. He has been beyond fabulous this last year. Not only has he taken great care of the kids, but he has cooked, folded laundry, and above all, been my rock for the past year. I honestly don't think many men could do what he has done this past year. So, for him, I am grateful. Thank you dear for being you.

Now, I am curious, how does your hubby show you how much he loves you and your family? I hope you are all as lucky as I am.


23 Weekers said...

You're a lucky girl. Your husband loves you so much. It is very obvious. One more reason to keep fighting. Your strength, faith, and love for your family is an inspiration to many. I hope you get a burst of energy soon. Hang in there girl.


Chris said...

Cody sounds like a fabulous guy. My hubby works very hard to help pay the bills, is a great daddy, and jumps in to help with household chores whenever he can.

Hope you gain some strength soon. Hugs and thoughts your way!

Me said...

I'm so glad you posted. I was worried about you because the last post was Ye-ucky.

My guy - Among the many chores we share - laundry, dishes, cooking - there is one chore he does all the time and every time - grocery shopping. He loves it. I think it's the money-guy part of him that's always looking for the best deal/sale. If only he had that passion for clothes shopping.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Too many things to mention cuz John is just that great...

But I guess the best way he shows me that he loves me?

He tells me that I'm his best friend and that he would rather be with me everyday than anyone else in the world.

He had me at hello!


Christy said...

Your husband sounds amazing. I am so glad you have him:)

Anonymous said...

My husband tells me I am his best friend and sole mate, and says he loves me even more when I 'allow' his to go out for the night ith his friends! (hahaha). Otherwise, he works hard at work and at home. And he calls and texts me throughout the day.

Julia said...

I would argue for Joel for the best husband award but, I am glad you are so thankful for Cody. :-) I could go on and on about how fabulous Joel is, and I do, often, but it would just make all the wives jealous so I will restrain myself.

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