Monday, June 8, 2009

Wet N Wild (sort of)

Something that my kids love to do is play outside in the sprinkler. This is tough for me. For one, I have a difficult time being outside since I do have skin cancer and all. For another, I am constantly thinking about the kids getting skin cancer. They get so mad at me when I am putting sunscreen on them every 30 minutes!

But, none the less, they are kids and they do love to be outside. So, armed with the sunscreen and the sprinkler we hit the backyard. The water was a little chilly, but they enjoyed watching daddy get soaked!

Yep, he's really that skinny!
Hee, hee, hee, look at Daddy being silly.

You want me to do what? There is no way I am getting in that cold water!


The Snyders said...

I have been looking at some of those "more coverage", SPF 50 swimsuits to help prevent some sun exposure. I'm sure when Fiona is old enough she will be like "This is dorky, I don't want to wear this."

Glad you are doing okay!

McMommy said...

Love the photos!! I highly recommend getting the kids (and yourself) the surf shirts with the SPF 50 in them. My boys wear them all the time when they go swimming and it makes me feel so much better about them being in the sun.
Old Navy has them on sale right now for like $8!

All the little boys and girls wear them around here in Florida...they look like little surfers! So cute!

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ McMommy.. I make Sammy where one of those.. I also found SPF 85.. I put that on myself and Sammy :-P.

Jen :) said...

Man, I was hoping to see some pictures of Cody sliding! I'm sure you have one somewhere! :D Can't wait to see you guys again! Take care and feel better soon.

Chris said...

They are too cute for words! And it's okay to put up with a little fussing to put on sunscreen. They can thank you later!

Shana said...

Glad they had a good time. I saw on FB that Cody did too! LOL

amanda said...

so glad you are enjoying the sun!

andreawilliams said...

I puffy heart SPF clothing!!

Christy said...

My kids want to be outside all day too. I probably need to be a little more liberal with the sunscreen.

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