Monday, July 20, 2009

Bit of a Rough Day

To all

Today has been a little bit of a rough day. Our day started early with one of the night nurses coming in to take vital signs and then not being able to fall back to sleep afterwards. Heather did go back to sleep after about 30 minutes, but I was up and up for good at 5:00 this morning. Since sleep was inevitable I decided to put on a movie to pass the time (in case you are wondering the movie was "Walk Hard: the Dewey Cox Story" - great movie). Towards the end of the movie I heard a little bit of mumbling come from Heather over the my headphones. I ripped one of the head phones out to hear what she needed and I got -

"Cody go upstairs and get the milk it is starting to sour." My instant confused reply was "What's wrong?" Heather decided she had had enough of my confusion and stated louder and more sternly "Go upstairs and get the milk it is going bad!!" I did the smart thing and ignored the comment and went back to my movie. This time leaving only one head phone on such that I could hear any more requests from Heather.

About 30 minutes later, Heather yelled stop touching me and get up and play with Kyler. Just so you know I am sitting in my chair/bed about 4 feet away from her hospital bed. At this moment I was very confused. It was only 6:30 and I have been in trouble twice and Heather hasn't even technically woken up.

We got a visit from the doctor a little later in the morning and they started a new drug to help with the headaches. After taking the drug she took a short little siesta. The problem with this siesta was before she woke up she yelled "I don't read lips people now talk." Apparently, I had been starting a fight with Jesse from the show Big Brother in the wonderful chair/bed, but both of us had no capability to talk. Heather was doing the nice person thing and trying to stop a fight, but I am sitting here in shock wondering "Ok, what is going on here, normally when I get in 'trouble' I know it is coming, but she has been sleeping this whole time, and I seem to be in deep shit".

I began to tell her about some of these incidents after lunch, and she's like really. That is weird, and I can kind of remember the dreams associated with those events. Then she asked me, and she was awake at the time, if I had been letting Belle (our pug) out to go potty while she was sleeping. She said she keeps thinking Belle is in the room hanging out with us. She also said that when she has heard any movies that I have playing through the speakers and not the head phones she thinks that Kyler is over here in my lap watching movies with me.

Now one would think those little stories would be the end of the crazy comments from Heather in one day, but she took an afternoon nap. This nap would bring the grand finale to funny comments. She leaned over in my direction and said "Cody would you make sure the alarm is on the hairspray!" My instant response was "Weirdo, What are you talking about" She said the "The can of hairspray needs a fire alarm on it, or it will catch fire!!"

So I have been in trouble a lot today for working and watching movies in my chair. While Heather has slept. I guess the random troubleness comes with the territory, but it has been quit funny. I won't tell her she promised me a puppy for Christmas, sshhhh that will be our little secret.

Wish me luck for tomorrow and tonight who knows what the sleep will bring.



Jenn said...

Good Lord ...that is funny ! I hope the meds work on her headaches !

Hope said...

Praying the meds work and tomorrow is a better day!

Chelle said...

Aw, Heather, I'm praying for ya sweetie. I'm really hoping today will be a much better day for you.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Hairspray IS flammable so I think she deserves points for being super cautious!


Erin said...

I agree with the comment Hallie put before me. Hairspray IS flammable. It is a mother's job to protect those around her. Better safe than sorry! lol.

Hope today is one of good deep sleep, and you not getting in trouble so much!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Funny stories. Helps pass the time I'm sure. Hope it's not the meds causing this. Take care and remove all sharp objects - just in case....Jenn

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