Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Tomorrow we leave for Houston.

Thursday will be a very busy day. We have a PET scan scheduled at 6am, then on to labs, MRI, chest x ray and appt with the Dr.

I am anxious to see how much the tumors have shrank since the last PET scan. I am also curious to know what he will want to do if they have not shrank. Obviously, best case scenario is that two of the tumors are gone and the one that I can feel is shrinking. Please pray that we are making progress.

Chemo is the absolute worst thing in the world. At least that is how I feel about it. Never, in my short little life, have I felt as awful as I do on chemo. I never knew it was possible to feel that awful. I feel very lucky that I am young and my body can handle it. I pray for the elderly and the children that I see while I am at MD Anderson. My heart breaks for them. I can't imagine doing this when I am 70, nor can I imagine my children having to go through this. That thought hurts to even think about.

This past week has been a pretty good week. We were able to head out of town to my BFF's for a bbq, then to my parents house the next day for a wonderful family get together. I feel so very lucky to have a BFF that would drop anything and everything to rush down here to help me. She has truly been a life saver. I am also blessed to have great family members that rearrange their schedules and make every effort to see us when we are in town. Aren't we lucky!?

Here are some pictures from our past week. Huge thank yous to my babies for such a wonderful week, however, if you are by chance reading this my little lovelies, feel free to stop the fighting!!! It is driving your poor mama insane!!

Me and Baby Deegan

Uncle Adam and Ella

Kyler giving Baby Deegan a big ole' smooch!

Ella watching the homemade ice cream spin around and around!

Such a silly little girl!

Ella and Kyler coloring on a big box.

Kyler and his masterpiece.

Ella jumping on the big box.

Kyler and Ella running from box to box.

Who knew a box could seriously provide hours of entertainment!

Kyler, Ella, and Aunt A checking out the gorillas at the zoo. We headed to the zoo so Ella could experience her very first zoo class. She did fabulous!

Ella is ready to go to bed.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I love the first pic. You look so good. Can't believe you can deal with what you're dealing with YET look so amazing.

And the box pics? Amazing. :)

Thanks for the smile.


Anonymous said...

praying for you this week! I agree with Hallie you look so great in that picture! Your kiddos are so cute :-)

Laura said...

You look beautiful....I know you aren't feeling too well on the inside, but on the outside you look like a star:-) I will continue to pray for you extra hard this week, for safe travels and a good report of the doctor. You are an amazing person and I feel very blessed to have gotten back in touch with you..the one short MN summer wasn't enough:-)

amanda said...

praying and thinking of you....

ps - the kiddos look adorable - as usual :)

Chelle said...

Honey, you look amazing!

And I love the pictures...your munchkins are so cute!

Praying for you and thinking of you...

Wendi said...

I can't get over how fab-u-lous you look.
And the kids?
Have a safe trip and know that we are praying for you in NC.

meredith said...

I happened to come across your blog. You are such an inspiration. We will continue to keep your family in our prayers.

I was dx with breast cancer when I was 25, pregnant with my 5 year old. A lot of the feelings you expressed, I can relate to.

Hugs -

Hailey said...

Always in my prayers in NC!

Christy said...

I am thinking of you and hoping that the tumors are shrinking. Take care of yourself.

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