Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Plan?

Well, the new plan is... there isn't a new plan. My oncologist here agreed with my oncologist at MD Anderson and the best thing to do right now is just sit and wait. It's a little frustrating, but I have made my peace with it. I am at the best place in the nation. My Dr knows what he is doing. If this what he thinks is the best thing to do, then it must be.

I spent a lot of nights crying. But, for some reason, hearing another Dr tell me the same thing helped. I feel more reassured. More confident.

It's going to be ok. It has to be. There are no other options.


Christy said...

Hang in there friend. YOU CAN DO THIS!

23 Weekers said...

I would feel the same way. Enjoy your time away from Houston.

Thinking of you,

Hailey said...


Laura said...

You have the best's inspiring, really:-) Many prayers coming your way!

amanda said...

i guess sometimes no plan is the best kind of plan huh?

thinking of you...

Evansmom said...

Will keep you in my thoughts. You have done so well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
Yes, a second opinion is usually helpful. I think you have the best doctors and they are trying to help you.

We all hope for the fastest time to get things done---frustrating because it takes so long, but we all are waiting with you.

I have no doubt they are doing the best they can for you and feel you are in the right place to get this done.

How are Kyler and Ella doing? Do they like the play house in the backyard. Have you been doing any sewing? I have been working on getting things finished up for the craft show in a week. (Then have one more to go-- in November!)Not sure how I got so many going this fall. 'Course, this is the 2nd year for them.

I have been trying to get my flu shot---can drive thro' the surgical entrance at Stormont-Vail and they will give it to you thro' your car window!

Love to you all----

G'ma & G';pa

Lindsay said...

I am glad the peace has come! :-)

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Sounds like you have the best in the biz looking out for you. I'm sure the waiting is tough, but as they say - "Good things come to those who wait" right? :)

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