Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Branson Vacation- Day 3

On our last day in Branson we "Rode the Ducks." The Ride The Ducks amphibious vehicle is based on the famous WWII DUKW amphibious design. The vehicle is designed to drive on land and on water. Plus, they give you these awesome (insert sarcastic font here!) quackers to quack on the duck, and you even get to take them home. Fabulous!

The tour was actually pretty neat and I am really glad that we did this. If the weather would have been nice, I would have been able to take some beautiful pics. But, oh well, I resorted to taking pics of my beautiful babies:)

Kyler quacking his quacker!

Ella quacking her quacker!

Kyler driving the duck on the water.

Ella driving the duck on the water. When he asked if any kids want to come up and drive, Ella was the first one up there! I'm not even sure if she knew what he was asking. She just hopped up and ran up there!

Ella and mommy
During chemo I didn't lose all of my hair. It just got really thin. My last trip down I decided to cut it short in the hopes that it would grow back healthier. I am not a big fan of short hair on me, some people can rock it. I, however, am not one of those! I am getting used to, but I am very glad that it seems to be growing quickly!


Clare said...

looks like a great day! i think your hair looks great short!

Evansmom said...

I love the Duck tours - I have done them in Boston and in DC. I think your hair looks great!

Shana said...

you look fabulous!!!

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