Thursday, December 10, 2009

An Explanation!

Remember this post where I whined about my pain? Well, I now know why I was in so much pain!

Yesterday morning I woke up soaked. I'll be honest, at first I thought I had peed the bed. Now, I don't do that often. I promise. But, right now anything is possible. Honestly, I kind of wish it was pee. Because, it was blood and fluid. Lots of it. Everywhere. I was a little confused. I jumped in the shower to clean it off. Then I realized it wasn't stopping. I yelled for Cody, who's exact words I am pretty sure went something like, "Oh, Shit." He called his mom to come watch the kids and he rushed me to the ER. They got me in really quick. And the verdict? The incision is infected. No wonder I was in SO MUCH PAIN!

They gave me some lovely pain meds. Stuck a razor sharp Q-tip* in the opening of the incision for a swab. Gave me a very potent antibiotic. And placed me on modified bedrest so that I don't split the incision open any more. Right now we just have to let the infection drain out. It's quite gross!

*It wasn't really razor sharp but it felt like it!

On the plus side, the pain is much less. Still hurts, but not nearly as bad! And my MIL has "moved in" for the time being since Cody had to head out of town for work. I am so lucky to have great family!

Keep Praying!


Brittany..Following my Bliss said...

Well wishes and prayers! Glad your mil is there to help!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I am so sorry! Wishing and praying for a speedy recovery for you. I am so glad that your Mother in Law was able to step in to help out!

B and E's Mommy said...

Seriously? I am pretty sure you are due a huge break here very soon! If anyone understands the importance of family being would be the two of us! We are lucky girls...even if we have some pretty unlucky life circumstances! Miss you!!! xoxo

Christy said...

WHAT THE FUCK? Friend, you can't catch a break! But I am glad you are on the road to recovery.

Lindsay said...

oooo no!!! Praying.. I had an infection in my c-section so been there and done that.. not fun!!! the qtip and all!!

Melissa said...

scary! I think I would have been wishing it was just pee as well!

Here's hoping for a quick recovery!

Happy that you have help with the kids and that you can just rest and get better.

Amy said...

Sorry to hear that. Sending hugs.. Also I am happy you have family close by.

Jen :) said...

Glad to hear that the pain isn't as bad...but it sucks about the infection and the modified bed rest. :( Hope you are better soon! Let me know if there is anything I can do...ANYTHING!!!

Wendy said...

Yikes! Glad you are on the mend now.

fortyb4forty said...

I am so sorry to hear this but glad you have help. I am praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Or should I say, OW!!

Thank goodness Cody was still home when you found out. I'm glad Penny is able to help you. She is a wonderful lady. :-)

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather - Just read your post about the infection.......and damn! Hope it's clearing up and you're feeling better.

Here's to better days!

23 Weekers said...

Oh my gosh! I'm glad you got it taken care of. A person just gets so used to expecting to have a little pain and just dealing with it and then..... something like this. I think us girls tend to tolerate a little too much without fussing.

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