Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Makeover Kind of Day

In the morning Ella likes to stand on the toilet and watch me get ready. Some mornings she just watches and some mornings she begs for my makeup. I usually just give her the blush brush, but this morning I gave her the eyeshadow. Isn't she gorgeous?:)

Notice the purple on the right eyelid, but not the left? No matter what I said, she would not put it on the other side! Silly girl. She also added a little bit of lip gloss to complete the glamour look. She is all girl!

We had a big day! We also went for our first real haircut. (12/16/09)

My dear friend, Lynn, cuts my hair so I have her cut the kids hair too.

Ella did a fabulous job!! No tears, no screaming, just sitting, eating some M & M's and letting Miss Lynn cut away.

Just a little off the sides, K?

The final product
Obviously, not much was cut, but I didn't want much cut. I can't wait for her hair to be long, beautiful, and curly.


Anonymous said...

awww adorable!! I love the glamor look!

Amy said...

Oh how sweet.. Love the curls..

Jenny said...

I just love the curls! She did so well getting her hair cut. Will cannot stand it. Maybe m&m's are the trick.

Evansmom said...

Ahh. A brave little girl. She must take after her mom.

23 Weekers said...

She has such beautiful eyes!

Christy said...

She is a cutie!

Shana said...

adorable as always!!!

Amanda said...

So cute!!!! My little 2 year old Miss Ella LOVES to play with my makeup whenever I'm doing min.

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