Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Grandfolks

For Thanksgiving Day we went to my Grandparents house. For some odd reason, I forgot my camera so I have no pics to commemorate that wonderful day. Boo:(

I did however, remember my camera for Cody's parents house so I was able to get some pretty cute pics of the monkeys. Overall, we had two wonderful Thanksgivings and feel quite blessed to have such loving families.

Peek a Boo
Check out the reindeer I helped Grandpa put up!

Leaves are so much fun!

Quick, Ella throw all the leaves on Grandma's head!

I wonder if Grandma will catch any of the leaves.

Now my sissy will have leaves in her hair too!

Silly leaf monkeys!


Lindsay said...

awww so cute! boo about forgetting the camera on Thanksgiving.. I do that kind of stuff all the time!

Jenny said...

Looks like the leaves were a big hit!!

Nancy said...

Precious! My kids just recently got to play in some leaves and I think it's the stuff that good memories are made of!

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