Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Practice Run

McMommy told me all about this new program called Windows Live Writer. She insists that it makes it easier to blog.

I am giving it a try. This is my trial run. I hope this works!


Sweet! I was able to drag these pictures from my picture file right to my blog. That was nice and timesaving!

And I was able to crop, add borders, change the color, and tilt right there!


I can also insert this nice little table. Because, you know, you just might care how much shit is on my floor!

Number of times Ella has peed on my floor today 0- Woo Hoo!
Number of times Ella has pooped on my floor today 2

And I can insert maps…

Map picture

just to make you jealous:)

(This is where I will be at in March!)

Bloggers, you must download this awesome program right now! You will not be disappointed! Thank you so much McMommy!


McMommy said...

yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the WLW club! So happy you like it!!!! I love the pics! They were so easy to drop-in, right??
And the Bahamas in March? LUCKY GIRL! You are going to have an absolute blast! Have a rum punch for me!!

Cindy said...

Interesting! I'm gonna go check it out!

Cindy said...

OK, I've downloaded it, and I'm writing my first post with it...but I think I missing something. I'm not seeing where I can crop/manipulate photos like you did. Hmmmm.

Shana said...

ok,ok...I just might have to try it too! I will try it on my next post. Gotta grade some papers first =(

Laura said...

Fun...I just downloaded this and it does seem to be easier than any other simple photo editing software, but I'm having trouble being able to drag and drop my makes me double click on all of them and re-open it up each time to add another...what am I doing wrong?

Thanks for this tip...I think it might be pretty fun.

Anonymous said...

oo very cool! I tried it once and had issues with the pictures being to wide to fit into my blog.. wonder if there is a setting I missed?

The Hooper Family said...

That's where I heard about it....i have so many things on my google reader that I lose track. I just make notes of what I want to see/do....Thanks McMommy for the great idea!!!

B and E's Mommy said...

Love it!!! Thanks for sharing.

Clare said...

that looks awesome! and i am so jealous of your 'map'...i will be huger than a moutain in March...ahhhh!!!

Nishant said...

I love the pics! They were so easy to drop-in, right??

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