Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Randomness


*We leave for Houston February 10th. I am a little anxious about this trip. It has been 3 months since I have had a PET scan. This is the longest I have gone in between scans for the past year.

*Please pray that the scans will come back clean. I check my skin every.single.night for new spots and change. So far, so good, but who knows what’s going on inside!

*Last weekend my parents moved into a brand new house that they have been planning forever! The house is beautiful, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry a bit.

*The new house, isn’t well, the old house. It’s not where I grew up. It’s not where I had many firsts. It’s been a little hard for me. The one bright spot is that my little brother and his wife are buying my parents old house, so old traditions can still be carried on. For that I am grateful.

*However, with a view like this can you blame them for moving?!!!

view pic  


*Lately I have been addicted to Nip/Tuck. I just started watching it and I am on Season 1. So far, I have discovered that it is soooo not appropriate for children to watch! So, I have been staying up until midnight watching it. No wonder I’m so damn tired in the morning!

*Ella has been sick for the last 4 days. It hasn’t been fun. For any of us. I thought it was just a cold, but now she has diarrhea. Diarrhea and big girl undies…not so much fun!

*If you know me, then you know that I HATE clutter. After helping my folks move it has become apparent that I did NOT  inherit this trait from either of my parents!

*Since I hate clutter I have been selling all kinds of things on diaperswappers, amazon, and ebay! Yay for clearing out crap and making money:)

*Speaking of money, I have done really well on saving money. By clipping coupons, I saved over $20 on our last grocery bill. It took more time and some comparing, but I was pretty proud of myself!

*Cody and I have set some financial goals that we want to accomplish. It won’t be a quick or easy process, but I think we can do it.

*Kyler was evaluated for the Role Model program at our local school. His only area of need is articulation, therefore he does not qualify for the Role Model program, but he will get speech services on an “out-patient” basis. I am glad we caught it early so that by the time he gets to school he won’t be made fun of. I would never want that for my baby!

*I started working on some Preschool activities with the kids. So far, so good. They both love it and so do I!

*I also started tutoring last week. I am working with a very sweet boy who will really benefit from the reading program that we are working on. Please pray that I can help him.

*I was doing really well on the Jillian Michaels workout DVD, however, the lunges ripped my incision open again, so I have had to modify the workout. No legs for me. The workout isn’t nearly as difficult when you don’t do the legs!

*Kyler has his 2nd dentist appointment on Wednesday. Please pray it goes better than his first!

*Ella has been rocking the potty. Except for when we were at my folks house. Apparently she wanted to christen their brand new floors! You’re welcome Mom and Dad:)

*In case you are wondering I have been feeling great. I have energy, I feel good and I am excited to live my life cancer free. I know it may not last forever, but let me tell you, I never knew how great life really was. I don’t regret my life pre-cancer. I just didn’t know what I had.


Clare said...

what a great post heather! you have so many great things going in your life. i hope that the pet scan is clear and you can keep living!!

Jenny said...

wow! there definitely is a lot going on...sending good vibes your way for the pet scan!

your parents view is amazing!

hope ella starts to feel better...

nip tuck is totally bad this is the last season.

Lindsay said...

What a great view they have! I will be praying for your trip to go great on the 10th! Yay for saving money on groceries and for some preschool activities!!

Chelle said...

Girl, you are probably the busiest person I know!

LOVE their new home. Wow. That view? I'll take one of those, please.

I hope Ella feels better soon, poor baby girl!

Praying everything is perfect at your pet scan.

What sites do you recommend for preschool activities? I really need to get some things planned for Bella.

I've never seen Nip/Tuck but thinking maybe I need to now?


Nishant said...

i hope that the pet scan is clear and you can keep living!!

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