Sunday, January 10, 2010


Have you loaded the Swagbucks toolbar onto your computer? If not, you must do so RIGHT NOW!

This is an awesome way to win free stuff just by searching the web. You add the toolbar then use it to search the web as you usually do. Periodically, you get points and once you earn enough you can redeem those points for gift cards. How awesome is that? You can earn free gift cards just for searching the web!
And, get this, if you use me as a referral, every time you get a free swagbuck, I get one too!
So, don't delay, click on this link and upload the Swagbucks toolbar onto your computer. My goal is to have enough gift cards that next year I will be able to purchase Birthday gifts for the kids for free!
Between using Swagbucks and using our Trash Recycling system that our city offers, this should be a pretty attainable goal. Especially with your help:)
PS Please leave me a comment if you used me as a referral. And thank you so so much!


Christy said...

It is such an easy way to earn free stuff! I am so glad you are enjoying the program. I keep telling people about it, but they won't even look into how it works.

P.S. I heard that there will be a swagcode released on the toolbar everyday this coming week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Jenny said...

I just signed up last week. I did it through Christy. I cannot wait to start getting gift cards and such!
It is a great idea..

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