Monday, February 1, 2010

50 Totally Random Things About Me…

My 500th post is coming up here shortly, however, the chances of me writing 500 random things about me is pretty darn slim, so instead, I give you 50 random things about me.


1. I am 31 years, 8 months, and 4 days old.

2. I wish my hair would grow back a little quicker.

3. We used to have a white boxer named Otis.

4. He died of cancer March 17th, 2008.002

5. I still miss him.

6. I do not, however, want another dog.048

7. Losing them is just to hard.

8. We also have a pug named Belle Baby.

9. She’s fat.

10. Ella likes to feed her. A lot.


11. Speaking of fat. Of the 25 lbs that I lost during chemo, I have gained most of it back.

12. I have been doing some workout videos, however, I ripped my incision open doing them.

13. I am tall. 5’10 1/4 to be exact.

14. I adore yoga pants.

15. I tend to become obsessive about things.

16. My newest obsession is coupon finding/deal finding.

17. My husband is ok with this obsession.

18. My Master’s class is over. Finally.

19. Pretty sure I scored an A.

20. Now my MIL wants me to take another class.

21. I told her no.

22. I hate winter. It’s cold.

23. Lately my kids have been driving me nuts.

24. Oddly, Houston may be a welcome break.P1010824

(Me, my friend Angie that lives in Houston, and her daughter, Ellie)

25. Probably won’t be nearly as much fun without the shopping though.030

The MD Anderson hospital that I spent way to much time in!

26. My favorite alcoholic drink is Peach Bellini.

27. My favorite non alcoholic drink is Diet Pepsi.

28. My favorite candy (right now anyway) are Sweet tarts.

29. My favorite TV show(s) are Medium, Criminal Minds, all the CSIs, and Law and Order SVU.

30. I actually don’t mind watching children’s shows with my children.

31. I am not a huge fan of playing board games with my children.

32. Probably because I always seem to lose. Or get annoyed when the cheat!

33. Kyler is better at the Wii than I am.

34. I am hoping I will have the time and energy to make most of Ella’s summer clothes (hopefully using fabric that I already have). 063

35. By the end of this year our debt will be cut by more than half.

36. I drive a 2009 Traverse.

37. It’s green. It’s pretty. And will NEVER be paid off.

38. My favorite movie of all time is Sweet Home Alabama.

39. My favorite color is pink. All shades of pink.

40. I am very close to my mother.

41. We talk numerous times a day.

42. I hate taking baths.

43. During chemo I rarely had to shave my legs. It was awesome.

44. I wish I could afford to get a boob job.

45. I love Facebook. It’s a great way to talk about my day without doing a huge post.

46. I enjoy reading. But rarely have time to read anything other than Children’s books.

mouse bk


47. Someday I hope to return to teaching.

48. Living “frugally” has been very difficult for me. And it’s only been 1 month.

49. In my opinion, cancer, chemo, and losing a child are the three worst things to go through. (Not necessarily in that order, BTW)

50. I am currently cancer free and I LOVE it:)

cancer ass shirt

I would totally buy this shirt, you know, if it was appropriate to wear and all!

Hope you enjoyed reading:)

And I hope you learned something new about me.


Jenny said...

totally love that shirt! thanks for shariing...i love peach bellinis too! big fan of sweet home alabama...i think i have watched that movie at least a dozen times.

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

I wish I was good at clipping coupons....I try. I really do!

Stacie said...

Cute post! I may have to steal this idea! :)

And, good for you ... clipping coupons and living frugally is smart, but sometimes difficult.

Anonymous said...

Love the tshirt.. you should totally by the shirt to wear when your in Houston! Otis was a total cutie! Losing pets is sooooooo hard I hate it! You would make me look even shorter than I already am!

The Hooper Family said...

I love peach bellinis (Outback has a great one), hate playing board games with the kids, Lucy is better at Wii than me, I don't want another dog EVER, my car will NEVER be paid off (i just got a new equinox), I hate winter & taking baths, love reading, and one day I will have a boob job :)

Didn't realize we had so much in common! Maybe you and I need a playdate for bellinis...of course that isn't very frugal!!!

Christy said...

Living frugal is hard. We keep paying too much money on our bills, and then we have nothing to live off of the rest of the month. Once again, we have no money in our checking account and two weeks until payday. DAMMIT!

Clare said...

i love all of your random facts!!

Your Loving Husband (Cody) said...

We will SO have another dog...Someday.

blueviolet said...

I have to say that not having to shave your legs...that part would be nice! But I'm glad it's over!

I wish I was better at couponing!

B and E's Mommy said...

Three things about me:
I hate that picture!
I love peach Bellinis too!
Screw it too short!
Love you, see you next week at my crib! :)

Evansmom said...

Totally think the T-shirt is appropriate - anytime, anyplace. Seriously.

I am trying to live frugally too. It is hard.

My son is better at Wii than me. It is ok because he is 15. However, for the longest time, I couldn't figure out how to turn on the tv in our family room and he had to do it for me. It was pretty sad.

Chelle said...

I love the tshirt. Seriously. Get it. Wear it with pride, hun.

Peach bellinis...omg, I haven't had one of those in forever.

And way to go on coupon clipping! You rock, momma.


Marsha said...

I will buy you the shirt. Nothing wrong with feeling that way. I love having a daughter I can talk to several times a day. It makes getting out of bed worth it. Love you, Mom

Chris said...

Love this post! I learned a lot. :)

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