Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Favs...

Since I have become a homeschooling, coupon clipping mama, I have had several of you ask for some of my favorite websites. So, here are my favorite coupon websites. I will list my favorite homeschooling websites on a post in the near future.

If you have some favs that I don't have listed please, please share. I'll be honest, the coupon ones that I have listed are nice and quick. I don't have time to hunt for deals. I have found these to be the quickest for me.

Something that I did not know about coupons was that you can use two coupons at once as long as they are not the "same" coupon. For instance, you can use a $1 off Target coupon for Huggies and a $1 off Manufactures coupon for Huggies at the same time. Wish I would of known that when I was buying diapers for Kyler!

For you KS folks-Dillons will double all of your coupons up to $1.

10 Best Coupon Mommy Blogs

Cellfire- this site will load the coupons directly onto your shopper card (ie Dillons for you KS folks) no coupon clipping!

These are blogs and you can add them right into your Google Reader...

Babycheapskate- this blog gives you the best deals on "things", stuff like carseats, toys, diapers, formula, children's clothes, shoes, etc.

Faithfully Frugal and Free- this blog is a mixture of her kids and good deals

Homemade by Jill- not exactly a coupon blog, but she does some awesome homemade things that could save you money instead of buying them.

Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free

STL Mommy

I hope this helps! Even if you only use a couple coupons each grocery trip, it adds up. Let me know if these helped you and if you have any favorites that you would like me to add.


Anonymous said...

oo cool! thanks for sharing your resources :-). Can't wait to see your homeschooling resources :-)

Amos & Jamie Bazil said...

Thank you for sharing!!

My new fav to grocery shopping, Aldi!! I honestly was very "stuck up" in not going there forever! Then around Christmas time I need a ton of baking supplies so I decided to go there and get what I needed plus a few deals I found. I honestly expected to pay around $100 for my full cart and walked out paying $60!!! Couldn't believe it, still go to Dillons for some things but Aldi is my new favorite place to shop!

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