Friday, February 26, 2010

Recent Trip

ThursdayI flew to Houston for an appt with the Targeted Therapy dept on Friday. Since my lovely husband already had some work meetings scheduled in New York, I went by myself.

The Drs in the Targeted Therapy dept were excellent. Very personable and explained everything in "normal" terms that everyone can understand. It was kind of nice!

The trial that I met with them about was the GSK-B inhibitor trial. I was under the impression that the trial was a B-Raf inhibitor trial, however, it is actually a MEK inhibitor trial. I could go deep into an explanation, but I won't bore you with that. I will say that a MEK inhibitor trial would be ok, however, a B-raf trial would be better. The short and easy explation is that the Braf tells the cancer nuculous to divide and multiply, the MEK is what tells the Braf what to do. So, if we can go straight to the Braf gene mutation it would be better.

However, the good news is that in a few weeks they will be opening a trial through GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) that works on the Braf gene mutation AND the MEK.

For now they agreed to hold me a spot for the GSK (thhe MEK inhibitor one) trial in Houston. This way I at least have something. Definitely helps ease my mind.

The Dr that I met with in Targeted Therapy would prefer that I get into the trial in Nashville. He feels that that trial would be a better fit for me. They are having more success with that trial. In fact, it is working in 70-80% of patients with recurring melanoma. The downside is that it is only keeping the cancer away for about 8 months. Boo! If you have done any research on melanoma you will know that the chances of recurrence are great. And that chances of survival past 5 years are slim. Another boo. However, they are coming out with new trials and new findings all the time. So, I have a plan. Get into the trial in Nashville, if it works do that as long as I can. The treatment is a pill that I will take twice a day and I can remain on it indefiniately. As long as it is working I can be on it. After it quits working I can start on a MEK trial. See, I have a plan:)

We appreciate all the prayers that you all are throwing out for us. You can never have to many of those!


Laura said... head is spinning just reading this, I can only imagine what's going on in your head. Good for you for having a "plan", I will be praying that it all works out the way you want it to. I know you will keep fighting...I'll keep praying.

Love ya

The Kitchen said...

Wow.. I wish there was something that I coulsd say that Laura hasn't already said!!

I am praying for you every single second and thinking of you and your family as well.

I just know you are going to be fine - you are going to be OKAY. I know this!!!

Love to you - and healing paryers headed your way!!!

Anonymous said...

oo so glad you have one your in if you don't get into the Nashville one! Fingers crossed! When do you go to Nashville?

amanda said...

Wow what a process. But it's a good plan and I pray it works for you. I will continue to pray until that cancer decides to give up. It won't win!!

Jenny said...

i am so impressed by you! you are definitely one of the most determined fighters i know! i am praying you get into the nashville trial and that it will work for you.
way to stay positive bloggy friend!

Anonymous said...

Now that I have found you here, I will stay in touch much better! I have been praying for you since the start of this journey and I am continuing to lift all of you always! So good to see all of you today! We are with you through the joys of your journey and the difficult times too. We know several people who are on the same journey as you and we want you all to know that our prayers for you all will never cease! Love you, terry

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