Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese Fun

About a year ago the kids and I made an impromptu trip to Chuck E Cheese. Ella had a last. Kyler, on the other hand, totally freaked out. Crying, screaming and everything. It was not pretty.

We left. At that point I had two crying kids. Kyler was crying because he was scared to death of Chuck E and Ella was crying because we were leaving. It was not pretty.

At that point I vowed to never again go to Chuck E Cheese. 

Last week I broke that vow. One day last week Kyler actually asked to go there. We talked about it and he told me he wouldn’t be scared. So, I agreed.

On Thursdays I usually have one of my best friends little girls along with my two little ones. And I’ll be honest, going to CEC with three little one’s  by  myself is NOT my idea of fun, so I talked my wonderful husband into joining us.

The kids had an absolute blast! It was worth every.single.penny. Seeing the joy on their faces was absolutely priceless. I plan on making this a monthly event, along with our zoo trips, Exploration Place trips, and park trips.


Kyler enjoyed this ride!


Molly enjoyed this ride!


Ella did NOT enjoy this ride! Am I a mean mom if I admit I made her ride it just for a bit so I could get a picture!


Ella whacking some kid sized moles!


Ella and mommy in front of the scary Chuck E Cheese.


Even Molly, who is one of the bravest little girls I know, was scared of Chuck E!


Overall, it was an absolutely wonderful time. I can’t wait to do it again!


Christy said...

The last time we went to Chuck E Cheese, my kids got a horrible virus. We haven't been back since.

Glad you guys had fun. I should probably think about taking my kids again (since they LOVED it). Maybe when I get my credit card debt paid off???

Anonymous said...

What a fun trip to CEC! I had to laugh about the Ella picture because I totally would have done the same.. well and in hopes that Sammy would change his mind! Chuck E Cheese does look scary!

Holli Taylor said...

That oh so evil but oh so wondeful CEC. I used to vow we'd never go there again but the kids love it...missed your blog. Thanks for inviting me. Praying for as always.

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