Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday Kyler’s Preschool had an Easter Egg Hunt. Inside they had games, juice and cookies and outside was where the egg hunt was.
Both kids had an awesome time. It’s so nice to participate in these activities because we know so many of the families. As parents we always know most of the adults and our children always have lots of friends there.
Kyler loved the “high class” Easter Bunny. He went right up to him and sat down. (notice the tennis shoes and hole in the crotch of the outfit!)
Ella HATED the Easter Bunny! However, I’m a mean mom and wanted a picture!
Ella playing games inside.
At first Ella was good with picking up the eggs and putting them in her basket.
And then she realized that there was candy in the eggs!
Kyler and his BFF, Brock. Isn’t this the sweetest!
Brock and Kyler go to preschool and MDO together and they are both constantly begging for a play date. Someday soon I hope we are able to do that.
On the hunt…
Kyler smiling with his (and Ella’s) loot!

I hope everyone was a wonderful Easter with their families!


Christy said...

I took my kids to an Easter Egg hunt over the weekend. It was super cute, but both of my kids were scared of the Easter bunny. Apparently he is just as scary as Santa Claus.

Chelle said...

Is it just me or are those huge bunnies realllly creepy??

Cute pics of the kiddos--love them!


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