Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Hot Tub No No

On Monday (3/29) the kids and I went to the park in the morning. It was a beautiful morning and we had a fabulous time.

Lately we don’t eat fast food. But, since we had such a great time I let them pick a place to eat. They agreed on Wendy’s so we ran through the drive thru and got some grub.

We came home  and they ate their nuggets, while I had a fruit salad (not nearly as yummy as their greasy fries, but definiately better for me!).

After they ate, they went outside to play while I cleaned up. When I looked outside, both kids were on the hot tub. I told them to get off. About that time Daddy came home.

I was telling him about our wonderful day and pouring myself a glass of water. I looked outside and it was like watching the whole event in slow motion.

She fell. She just fell. Right off the side of the hot tub. Her face hit the cement and her body hit the grass.

I screamed!  Loud! And I ran to Ella.

I picked her up and there was blood everywhere. Coming out of her nose and her mouth. The more I wiped up the more it came out.

And she just kept crying. And crying. And if you know Ella you know that’s not normal. Not at all.

Since the blood kept coming and she wouldn’t stop crying I made the executive decision to head to the ER. First, I called our peditrician, but they were at lunch (of course!) so we just went to the ER.

On the drive there I couldn’t keep her awake. She kept bleeding and she just wouldn’t stay awake.

I would yell to wake her up and would bawl.

It was so scary.

We arrived at the ER, got checked in. And we waited.

And we waited.

And we freaking waited!

After an hour and 15 minutes of trying to keep Ella awake, she just perked up. All of the sudden she was ready to get down and play. Which just confirms my suspicion that she had a concussion. However, apparently this is not a huge deal. To anyone in the medical field at least!

We finally got back to see a Dr after about an hour and a half and of course at that point I looked like a dumbass because she was ready to rock and roll!

But, since we were there he took a look at her face.

Her bottom lip is cut up on the inside and fat.

Her top lip is cut up and bruised on the inside and fat.

Her teeth are ok. So far anyway.

Her nose is very, very bruised and swollen, but since little kids’ noses are mainly cartiledge he did not feel like it was broken.

Today (and yesterday) she has been pretty sore and is constantly tearing open the scab underneath her nose. At first we couldn’t figure out why, but after watching her we discovered that when she sucks her thumb her finger rests underneath her nose and she is picking at the scab.

We talked to her and she has done way better today so hopefully it will start to heal. At least I hope so! We have family pictures on Saturday!!

P1030434 P1030431 P1030429 P1030427                 P1030426

Here are some pictures of the damage.

Yes, I know they are not the best pictures, however, the only way she would let me put her down is if I set her on the counter and gave her marshmallows! So, I grabbed my camera, grabbed the marshmallows, set her down, and took pictures while bracing her with one arm!

I am truly grateful that she is ok. I was one scared mama there for awhile. Thank you to all of you that read about this on Facebook and were praying for my baby girl.


Chelle said...

Poor baby girl!

I'll never forget when we had to call 911 for Bella. *shudder*

My heart aches for what you felt during all of this honey!


Christy said...

She looks like she was in a bad fight (and lost). Poor baby girl.

Tj said...

So glad she is okay and KNOW in your heart of hearts that I continue to lift all of you in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

ouch!! That makes my nose hurt just looking at those pictures! Glad to hear she wasn't any worse for the wear.. Hope she heals up quickly!

Becks said...

That is soooo scary Heather!!!!

Oh man I would have been freaking out too!

So glad she is Ok, what a relief!

I know the pictures are of her bruised little face but how cute is miss Ella!! Those blue eyes are amazing!!! Even bruised up she is gorgeous!

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