Friday, March 12, 2010

It’s Game Time, Baby


Last weekend we went to the OU vs Texas basketball game. I was a little nervous about whether or no the the kids would be able to sit through the whole game or not. But I needn’t worry.




E slept the whole second half and Kyler sat on Daddy’s lap and enjoyed his popcorn.




Beau (on the end) is a longtime family friend and this was his last game. He will be graduating from OU soon.



E was not thrilled about someone other than her mama holding her!


K did fabulous though!



Bethany (beau’s sister) is Miss Kansas and will go on to compete for Miss USA. Isn’t she beautiful! Apparently, looks made no difference to E though!


It certainly did with K! Look at that smile!


Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa and the Gerber family for the tickets. We had a fabulous time and are definitely planning more in our future!


Jenny said...

Glad you had a great time! I love Kyler's face in those cute!

Anonymous said...

oo what a fun outing! Love that Ella fell asleep for the second half!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but laugh at Kyler with Miss Kansas. What a smart boy!

Laura said...

Hey....replying to your comment on Alivia's 3 year old post..Yes, she's a 3T (or smaller)...she's sort of petite and small, she only weights like 29 pounds. Her shoe size is like a 7...when she was doing PT, her therapist always commented on how tiny her feet were/are...Connor is the same way..small and tiny feet. Funny!

Regarding KC next week...Boo...we aren't coming. The friends we were planning on visiting are moving to Des Moines, as they are starting new jobs back in Iowa this week already, so they won't be there. I'm so bummed, as I was really hoping we'd be able to get together for lunch or something...but I guess for now, I'll have to send you virtual hugs.

Have a great time on your cruise..can't wait to hear about it.

Clare said...

what a fun day!! i love E in all of the photos, so funny

Amy said...

Just saw your message on my blog. I haven't checked them in over a week now. Its funny I got your message because I have been looking for your email. I sent you one today at the new cancer email address you posted. My personal email is Look forward to hearing from you soon! I am still praying for you like crazy and hope that you will add a dear friend of mine, Robert to your prayers. His prostate cancer is back as of last week! God Bless!

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