Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Kids

I know you all are probably waiting for an update on the trial. However, I am so sick of talking about cancer! And trials. And drugs. And side effects.

So, I’m going to talk about something much happier. My adorable, loving, fabulous children:)



This huge container usually holds all of Ella’s babies, however, on this day, it held my two babies!


I told them to smile really big. They did!



And this? Yeah, apparently nose picking is a good time. They both do it on a regular basis! I don’t know what Kyler’s excuse is, Ella, however, is having some allergies issues, so I can understand hers. K, has no excuse though. He just likes to have his fingers up his nose! Ugh!


Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, I discover that two beautiful little monkeys have joined me.


However, with a beautiful sleeping beauty like this, I don’t complain. In fact, I soak it up. I love it!


Ella has discovered that she loves all things girly. Including playing dress up. It’s a wonderful way to spend a cold winter morning. Kyler dresses up in his Spider man outfit and Ella can pick out one of her many outfits. Doesn’t she look super cute!


Shana said...

Cute post!!! You are lucky that you don't know they are in your bed until you wake up! Both of mine are so restless, I don't get any sleep with them in the bed!

Chelle said...

They're beautiful! And how cute is it that they crawl into bed with you?! Awww!

Isabella now loves sticking a random finger up her nose. Oh--and toots.


Anonymous said...

Ella and Kyler are adorable!! I love the picture of them stretched out in bed!! so cute!

Jenny said...

such great pics of the that they crawl into bed with you! i wish will would do that with me!

Clare said...

i woke up with a little boy next to me too!! he said he was 'coughing' and needed me. with a baby about to be here in a few weeks, i just can deny him snuggles in the morning! i love there little sleeping faces, so sweet!

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