Monday, March 8, 2010

Valentine’s Day

This year for Valentine’s Day we decided to take a little family trip. I purchased a few little items for each of the kids, most of the items came from the dollar bin at Target or the Dollar Store, and they were able to open them Valentine’s Day morning. Cody and I did not purchase gifts for each other, which was totally fine with both of us. Being together as a family means more to either of us than “stuff.”

So, this past weekend we made a trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City. It was worth every.single.penny! Unfortunately, we were not able to stay and swim the second day because we had to fly to Nashville, but we were able to swim for most of the afternoon on Sunday. The kids had a blast. We had two other families meet us there so that made it even better. The kids were able too play together and the parents were able to play together!

My sister and Deegan were also supposed to meet us, however, due to a mix up at the front desk, they didn’t get to join us. Boo! However, I was able to get them some free passes so they could swim this weekend.  I hope they had a great time, even though we didn’t get to join them.


Valentine’s Day morning the kids woke up and saw their presents. Of course, their fav was the candy!



Ella got the book Goldilicious for Valentine’s Day. She loves this series. And so do I!


See those balls? Yeah, I won them in one of those claw machines! I rock:)



My goofy son thinks he is a Power Ranger!


I am always nervous about bedtime in a hotel with the kids. Both kids wanted to sleep with me, in a small double bed. However, since they were both so tired they fell asleep very quickly.

Thank you K and L for a wonderful Valentine’s Day. You made it the best ever. Hopefully, we can make this a Valentine’s Day tradition.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Valentine's trip! It looks like they loved their gifts :-)

Clare said...

oh we have one of those close to our house, and have been wanting to try it out!! i hope we can get there this summer sometime!

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