Thursday, March 11, 2010


I seriously had no idea that so many of you were out there reading and praying for us. My phone has been beeping like crazy today with all the new emails I have received. I will not go private until next weekend so if you would like to be added as a reader for my private, family blog, please send me an email and let me know.

I'll be honest though, if I don't know you and didn't know you were reading, I will probably not add you for that blog. Please don't take it personally, it is nothing against you at all. I promise. It is totally for the safety of my children.

My cancer blog has been set up. I have been working my butt off all evening to transfer all of my cancer posts to this new blog. It has taken FOR.EV.ER! But, it is done, and I am so proud of myself.

My new blog is

Here's the sad thing though, I don't have any followers or comments:(

As I was transferring I read some of the posts and the comments and I will admit, I was crying. Some of those posts were really difficult to read. But, wow, you guys are awesome friends. Your comments mean so much to me.

So, head on over there, leave me some comment love and become a follower. And, if you wouldn't mind, when you are reading over the posts, let me know if you see the kids names anywhere. I am changing them to K and E to protect them. I will still talk about them on there, but I am not going to use their names or pictures of their faces.

I have honestly debated this for quite awhile. However, I have so many readers that I don't know are readers so I kept it open for them. But, because of recent events, I think this is just the best thing for our family for many reasons.


Anonymous said...

I am now following you over there :-) and I will let you know if I see anything other than K or E :-)

Angie said...

Hi Heather! I found out about your terrible journey through Jamie B. and have been praying like crazy for you and your family. I totally understand your decision, and would love to follow your family-but I also understand that you don't know me:) I will follow your journey and continue to support you!


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