Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Day

Last year on Easter Day Cody and I were heading to Houston for my first appointment at MD Anderson. It was really hard on me. Not only was I leaving my kids for longer than I had ever left than before, but it was also my first holiday without them.

I am fortunate enough to have an awesome family, so they all drove the 3 hours to come to our house to celebrate Easter the day before we left. So, I was still able to celebrate Easter, but, it was still hard to leave them.

This year we were able to celebrate Easter as a family and it was AWESOME! I truly have a wonderful family and I truly enjoy being with them.

We drove up Saturday evening and stayed the night at my folks house.

Some time in the middle of the night the Easter bunny visited at Grandma and Grandpa’s house and left the kids some fun little goodies.



Hey, mom, check out what Kyler got!


Oh look, here’s MY Easter basket…

 P1030452  P1030454

Yay! The Easter Bunny didn’t listen to my mommy and he brought me my Lightsabor!



Awww, she loves her Bubba so much:)


Wow! That picture turned out pretty good! Aren’t they adorable!


Look Mama, my dress twirls!


Dancin’ in the wind… I think:)


The hunt is on…


I found one!


Woo Hoo! There’s money inside my eggs!


Cousin Deegan doing some Easter Egg finding!


Ella and Kyler checking out their loot!


I hope you all had as great an Easter as we did!

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Anonymous said...

aww what a wonderful Easter day! I love the picture of Kyler and Ella together its so good!!

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