Saturday, May 8, 2010

Science Center


On Wednesday we headed back to Nashville to see if getting our stuff was even a possibility. (It was not, btw!) The chemo makes my skin extremely photosensitive, so being outside for long periods of time is not an option. So, we settled on the Children’s Science Center. It was definitely geared for older kids, as far as the information they were supposed to understand from the exhibits, but my kiddos loved it none the less!



Playing the floor piano


Climbing the backbone ladder



This was Kyler’s favorite part! You attached a parachute to a clip, pulled the rope to the top, the parachute was released and you tried to catch it as it came down.


Kept him busy for at least 45 minutes!





Peek-a-boo Mama:)


Anonymous said...

aww love all of these pictures! The picture of the guitar is my fav :-)

andreagw said...

looks like so much fun!!

Clare said...

thinking of you!! it looks like a great museum;)

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