Saturday, June 12, 2010

Paintin' With Puddin'

The other day I decided to try something brave with the kids. I made up some pudding, put it in bowls, took the kids outside and told them to start painting each other.

Pretty sure they both thought I was IN.SANE!  You want me to do what mama?  Finally I took a big glob of pudding andd rubbed it on K's tummy. He was NOT amused! At all! Yes, he is just like his mother! Ella, however, really got into it. She loved feeling the pudding and rubbing it all up and down her legs.

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Anonymous said...

soo cute! Looks like Ella had a blast! Love the picture of Kyler with the hose at the end. I am pretty sure Sammy would have put it in his hair.. maybe we will do this sometime this week :-)

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