Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pool Time!

A couple of weeks ago, I made a purchase that I came to regret. I tend to do that. I get depressed, I order things online. I cheer up, then I regret the purchase and resolve to return said purchase.

This time my purchase was a pool for the kids. I decided to return it when it came in the mail. However, Kyler opened the box that the pool came in and discovered a pool was inside. At this point there was no way I could return it!

So, I made the best of it. We filled it with air, then filled it with water. The kids both LOVE it! Best.Purchase.Ever!!


I have yet to get any cute pictures of Kyler playing in the pool, but here are some adorable pictures of Miss Ella!|









Anonymous said...

oohhh love the pool! I am sure the kids are LOVING IT!

Jenny said...

the pool looks amazing! Ella looks like she is having a good ole' time!

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