Thursday, August 5, 2010



I am so glad that I bought this for the kids! On a nice day, we spend around 4 hours a day in it. A few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening. It’s not huge, but it is the perfect size for these two!

And the best part? The rarely fight when they are swimming! Woo Hoo!!




Don’t mind the step stool floating in the pool! That was for me.

I was actually sitting on it, in the pool, while the kids played. It was the perfect height!

P1040206_edited-1 P1040207_edited-1  P1040205_edited-1


 P1040211_edited-1 P1040216_edited-1


Anonymous said...

Aww looks like a blast! Is the pool easy to maintain? We bought one on sale at the end of last summer but we haven't set it up yet. I think we will set it up next summer!

Clare said...

wow!! they are getting so big, and that pool is awesome! we just bought a slip and slide, and are going to try it out this week!

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