Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chattanooga Aquarium

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The aquarium offers a journey through two buildings. One building is devoted to River and the other building is devoted to Ocean.  The River Journey fascinates visitors with river otters, turtles, alligators, giant catfish and thousands of freshwater wonders.  The Ocean Journey delights guests with penguins, sharks, butterflies and often scuba divers who interact with guests. 

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We began in the Ocean Journey building. We started by checking out the stingrays.

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We even got to pet the stingrays!

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The next part of the Ocean building was butterflies.

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The kids were so excited to catch a butterfly on their finger!

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There were so many pretty butterflies!

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Next up were the penguins. We had good timing because the keeper

was feeding the penguins when we were there so she was able to tell

us all about the penguins.

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Next we went to the River journey building.

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The kids loved laying in the domes to look at all the pretty fish.

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Look Mom! I’m in the River!

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Kyler handing out beside the fish.

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Kyler beside the fish and a huge turtle shell.

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Outside the Aquarium they have these awesome little water paths that kids can play in.

The kids just love playing in the them! The bad part is that there isn’t any shade close to the

little waterways so I have watch from afar while Cody is up close.

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