Thursday, August 5, 2010

Exploration Place


One day we decided to head to Exploration Place with some friends. Now that the kids are bigger, I found that Exploration Place is a lot less stressful from me! I have no fear that someone will take Kyler. Believe me! The kid would NEVER let that happen! Ella, on the other hand, is a little more willing so I do have to keep a close eye on her. But, if she is with Kyler I feel pretty safe. Not that I would ever let them run wild, but Exploration Place is rather large, and my kids are, well, rather quick! I use to stress majorly over this, but as they have grown I have felt a little more secure.


Exploration Place 001_edited-1

Kyler, Ella and Sam standing on the bridge. Every time we come I get a picture of the kids right here. I should go through and compare them all to see how much they have grown!

Exploration Place 022_edited-1

They finally finished the Kansas section.This awesome combine was a huge hit!

Exploration Place 015_edited-1Exploration Place 020_edited-1Exploration Place 018_edited-1


    The “Grossology” section. It was pretty neat, however, some of it was, well, rather gross! And some was a little scary for the kids. My kids tend to get freaked out by huge talking heads!


 Exploration Place 006_edited-1   Exploration Place 011_edited-1       Exploration Place 005_edited-1Exploration Place 007_edited-1


Ella, Kyler and Sam in the younger kids section. We can never get enough of the water table!

Exploration Place 026_edited-1Exploration Place 024_edited-1Exploration Place 025_edited-1


Kyler and Ella in the Vet section. And yes, I did question Kyler as to why he was cutting off the dog’s tail. He informed me that he was actually just cutting the bugs off the dogs tail. Whew!

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