Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nashville with the family

In late August we decided to take a family trip to Nashville. We figured it would be the last time we could all go as a family until next summer. We left Friday night right after Cody get off work and drove almost to St Louis. We stayed the night in a hotel and the next morning drove the rest of the way to Nashville. On our way we decided to stop in St Louis and visit the Arch. The kids thought it was pretty cool to be able to go that high and look out the little windows. Mama, on the other hand, would have preferred staying on the ground!


086_edited-1   087_edited-1

Kyler and Mama outside the Arch.


Ella and Mama on the way up the Arch

091_edited-1  093_edited-1

Ella looks like she is getting ready to jump out of the Arch!


  096_edited-1 094_edited-1098_edited-1095_edited-1

Posing for Mama to take some pictures!

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