Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sports Camp


In July our church offered a sports camp for boys and girls 3-10 (I think!). Kyler was SO excited to participate. He could barely contain himself! After the first day that is ALL he talked about! Well, sports camp and Star Wars (of course!).

Day 1 soccer

Day 2 volleyball

Day 3 basketball

Day 4 (flag) football

Day 5 water sports


Kyler said he enjoyed all the sports, but his least favorite was volleyball. Mine too Buddy, mine too!


I did not have the privilege of being one of the leaders for Sports Camp. VBS just about did me in. I just didn’t feel like it was something that I could handle. But, I did get to come in and take some pictures a couple of days so I was able to see what the kids were doing and how much fun they were having. As I have said before, we belong to a truly wonderful church. We are very blessed! Our Children’s Ministry Director is one of the best and she does a fabulous job of involving the young kids and really tying in the importance of the bible stories in a fun way. I LOVE the fact that Kyler can tell me some of the stories from the Bible and I LOVE that he truly understands them and gets them.

In September Ella will be able to attend Sunday School (and I get to be her teacher!). I am so excited to watch her learn. For the past few months I have been Kyler’s teacher and watching him and his friends learn the stories has been amazing. I know it will be different with Ella’s class, but I am so excited to share the story of God will little ones!



Simply gorgeous I tell ya!



Ella with one of my BFFs little girls, Jenna.



Being good sports

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