Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kyler’s 5th Birthday

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All Kyler asked for for his birthday was a Guinea Pig. That’s it. He had his

heart set on that.

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I’ll be honest though, my heart was NOT set on that! I didn’t want to add more

stress to my life! But, I will do anything to make my little man smile. So, I gave

in. We went to Petco. While we were checking out the Guinea Pigs the manager

came over to help us. He then told us that his ex wife had a Guinea Pig that

they were trying to find a home for. He gave us their number. When we were

out of Petco I called them. Everything seemed to work out perfectly. Come to

find out the people we got the Guinea pig from were in laws of a family from our

church. When things work out I know it is meant to be.

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Kyler named his new pet “I Love You” but has since resorted back to

her original name, which is “Pepper”. Pepper has been a fabulous

addition to our little house, but honestly, I could do without the


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Kyler also received a few other presents. Nothing huge, but a

couple of coloring things to keep him occupied on cold winter days.

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On his birthday we had a family party at 1pm and then he had his friend party

at 4:15. Both were a huge success!

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Kyler’s birthday cake from Dillons

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Kyler’s friend party was at Raeann’s, here in Derby. It is where

Ella takes gymnastics lessons. They all had a fabulous time!

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My friend, Amy DeVault, made the potato head cakes and my other friend, Becca, had

her Sister in law made the rocket ship cupcake cake.


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Singing Happy Birthday

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Opening presents.

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Ella cuddling with her Grandpa

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More presents.                                          Me cuddling with one of my favorite little boys, Noah

Kylers Birthday 117_edited-1

Daddy, mommy, and the birthday boy

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