Sunday, October 24, 2010

Disney World-Day 3-Hollywood Studios

On day 3 we visited Hollywood Studios. We all really liked it there, we just wish we would of known that even though the hours say they are open until 7PM, the shows actually all stop at 5pm:( We ended up missing out on several of the shows that we really wanted to see. Guess that means we will have to go back:)
DisneyWorld Baby!! 102 DisneyWorld Baby!! 106
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 107 DisneyWorld Baby!! 109
Outside the Star Wars exhibit. Close by there was an awesome Star Wars gift shop. We weren’t sure we were going to be able to get Kyler out of there! He was even able to make his own lightsaber!
DisneyWorld Baby!! 110_edited-1 DisneyWorld Baby!! 113
Kyler and Lightning McQueen.               Daddy, Ella, Lightning McQueen, and Mater. On the far right side you can see Kyler.
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 114
Buzz Lightyear busted out and landed on top of the building!
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 115_edited-1 DisneyWorld Baby!! 120_edited-1
Kyler visiting with Handy Manny
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 121_edited-1
The Beauty and the Beast show. I was so entranced with the whole show that I forgot to take pictures until the very end!

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