Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Disney World-Day 4- Animal Kingdom

On the last day we went to Animal Kingdom. We decided to sleep in a bit so we didn’t leave our hotel  until late morning. We didn’t realize that Animal Kingdom closed at 5pm, so unfortunately we missed out on some things that we really wanted to see. Guess that just means we will have to  head back to Disney World soon:)

DisneyWorld Baby!! 127_edited-1
Kyler and Ella posing with Lilo and Stitch
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 128_edited-1
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 129_edited-1
Kyler loves these silly little things. Every time he sees one he wants his picture taken with it! Silly boy!
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 132_edited-1 DisneyWorld Baby!! 133_edited-1
Oh how I love my sweet little Princess. Always a Diva!
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 135_edited-1
And a pretty Diva at that:)
DisneyWorld Baby!! 155_edited-1
Kyler and Kobi the Bear
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 138_edited-1 DisneyWorld Baby!! 143_edited-1
Donald, Kyler and Ella                Goofy, Ella, and Kyler
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 150_edited-1 DisneyWorld Baby!! 152_edited-1
Minnie Mouse, Kyler and Ella    Thumper, Mrs Thumper, Kyler and Ella
  DisneyWorld Baby!! 172_edited-1
Towards the end of the day we went on the Animal Safari.
It was a beautiful tour. All the animal were in their natural habitats.

 DisneyWorld Baby!! 183_edited-1
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 184_edited-1
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 186_edited-1
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 187_edited-1

  DisneyWorld Baby!! 196_edited-1
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 198_edited-1
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 201_edited-1
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 202_edited-1
 003 004 
 DisneyWorld Baby!! 203_edited-1
Disney World was a wonderful experience for our family. I am so glad that we were all able to go as a family.

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Clare said...

looks like a fabulous trip!!!

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