Sunday, October 31, 2010


For Halloween we attended the church’s Trunk or Treat and then
came home to go trick or treating in our neighborhood.

Halloween 001_edited-1
My beautiful Cinderella Princess
Halloween 009_edited-1
She got the Princess dress at Disney World and the hat from
the Renassiance Festival.
Halloween 010_edited-1Halloween 011_edited-1
My tough little Wolverine
Halloween 012_edited-1Halloween 015_edited-1
Check out his homemade claws! He is ready to save the world!
Halloween 017_edited-1
Cake walk at Trunk or Treat
Halloween 024_edited-1Halloween 025_edited-1
Eating his cupcake that he won from the cake walk.
Halloween 026_edited-1Halloween 028_edited-1
Posing pretty before we go trick or treating.
Halloween 029_edited-1Halloween 031_edited-1
Every year we have one of the grandparents join us for trick or treating.
It’s kind of become a tradition. This year we had Grandma and
Grandpa Snyder join us for the joyous occasion!

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