Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Big Bro and Little Sis

Well, it finally happened. Kyler asked to hold his baby sis. Now he wants to hold her constantly. Luckily, I have been there every time but I fear that one of these days I am going to see him carrying her around the living room! He knows he has to sit down when he holds her though so maybe we will be ok.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mommy's Bad Habit

So after Grandma Snyder came over yesterday and looked in Ella's closet I have come to the realization that I just might have a nasty habit. I LOVE to buy Kyler and now Ella clothes. Kyler seriously has more clothes than I do. Insane, I know, but I just love buying clothes for them. Why is it that the minute you find out you are having a girl you have to buy all the pink clothes you can find. Ella has so much pink in her room that I may even start hating the color-ok maybe not-but she does have a lot of pink. I have attached pictures of both of their closets and her room. Let me know if anyone knows of any cures for this nasty habit. (Other then hiding the check book!)

First Bath

Ella got her first bath on Thursday night. She wasn't so into it so it was a very quick bath. She did fall right to sleep afterwards though!

Kyler is also doing very well with Ella. He loves to "pet" her and today he even blew her a kiss and gave her a hug. He's had a bit of a cold so we are trying to distance him from her a bit. I was so scared about how he would do but it turns out he is an excellent big brother and loves his little sis very much. I have tried and tried to get some good pics of him with Ella but he just moves to quick! These are the best that I could do. Sorry!!
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