Thursday, April 3, 2008

Always In Our Hearts

Today Otis' headstone came. I knew it was going to be here this week, however, it was still hard to look at when it came. I still miss Otis very much. It is like something is missing in our house. Some type of energy is just gone without Otis here. Kyler still asks where Otis is every now and then. It breaks my heart when he goes looking for Otis and can't find him. I talked to him about Otis being in heaven, and if you ask him where Otis is he will tell you that he is in heaven, however, how do you explain to a 2 year old that his best bud is gone. It's a very tricky thing. Belle, our pug, has also been a little depressed without Otis here. She will just start whining for no reason. It's quite sad. She has lost some weight though, because she isn't eating all of Otis' food. On the other hand, she whines constantly because she thinks she is starving!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Mommy's Mr. Fix It

This morning Kyler wanted to play with his race car game. It plugs into the TV and he drives the car and has to name the colors, shapes, letters, or numbers as he goes along the road. The last time he played with it he broke it so when he asked to play with it this morning I told him that it was broken so he couldn't. Well, being the helpful little man that he is, he went to the drawer, got the screwdriver, and proceeded to "fix it." He is such a good little helper!

Happy Birthday Gavin!

This weekend Kyler attended the birthday party of one of his friends who is turning two. The birthday party was at the zoo. Luckily, it was inside the new restaurant so we didn't get wet. Kyler seemed to have a good time. He was just dying to open some of the presents but he was a very good boy and just sat on mommy's lap and watched Gavin open his gifts.

Ella & Julianna

This weekend my friend, Becca, and her daughter, Julianna, came over for a visit. Julianna was very curious about Ella and she finally asked if she could hold her. I laid Ella on her lap and she was in heaven! However, after about 30 seconds she was done because Ella was so heavy! Ella only weighs about 10 lbs less then Juli and Juli is 20 months old.
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