Thursday, April 10, 2008

Portrait Innovations

Today we went to Portrait Innovations to have Ella's 3 month pictures and Kyler's 2 1/2 year pictures taken. Even though Kyler doesn't turn 2 1/2 until next month I decided it was much easier just to do them all at once. For the most part I was pretty pleased with the pictures. Ella didn't smile in any of the pictures but at least she wasn't screaming in all of them. I didn't really care for their Spring background and of course that is the only background they used with both of them in the picture. I plan on having Ella's pictures taken there every 3 months until she turns one so I know what I want the next time.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

PAT visit with Miss Kristi

You seriously want me to do what?

Kyler and Miss Kristi reading a book to Ella.

Every other month Miss Kristi comes to play with Kyler and Ella. She works with Kyler on different learning activities and they play some fun learning games. Today they worked on whole and half proportions. Miss Kristi covered a picture of an animal with shaving cream and Kyler was supposed to wipe some of the shaving cream off and find the animal. Well, apparently I have Kyler trained not to get dirty because he wanted nothing to do with touching that shaving cream! Miss Kristi ended up wiping off half of the shaving cream for Kyler because he wouldn't touch it! Even though he wouldn't touch the shaving cream he was still able to grasp the concept and did great. After she was done working with Kyler, she worked on some things with Ella. Miss Kristi and Kyler made some pictures for Ella to look at and they read a book to Ella.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy 3 Months Ella!

I can't believe Ella is 3 months old already. My how time flies when you aren't getting any sleep! Ella is still not sleeping through the night, however she is getting better. Lately she has only been waking up at around 3:30am, so we are improving. She weighs 13 lbs and is 25 inches long so she is certainly growing! Kyler only weighs 26 lbs. Ella is soooo going to be beating Kyler up some day! Ella is a good eater, however she can't seem to take in large amounts at a time and if she gets to much it all comes back up (usually all over me!). She takes about 3 ounces at a feeding and any more then that and we have it all over us. The Dr suggested trying some Mylanta to see if that helps and it does appear to help with the spit up. I have never seen a baby spit up so much. We always have to have at least 2 burp rags handy or we have one heck of a mess.
Ella enjoys swinging, rocking, being held, and eating! She hates tummy time, although she can roll over so tummy time isn't much of an issue anymore, and being ignored. If you are not paying attention to her she is very quick to let us know that that is not acceptable! She still has no interest in a binkie, however, she is quite fond of that thumb so we have quit pushing the binkie thing. She is on a good routine and naps in the morning, afternoon, and late afternoon. Sometimes for her afternoon nap her and mommy just rock in the chair and cuddle. It's a perfect time for me to get my cuddles in since Kyler is asleep. It's also a perfect time to get some cleaning done, however, cuddles are way more important!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ella and her new Bitty Baby

Hmmm, let me get this straight, this baby doesn't cry at all?

Ella received a new Bitty Baby ( from Grandma Snyder for Easter. We, meaning mommy, decided to name her Lily. That was one of the names that I wanted to name Ella but Daddy didn't like it. This way I still get to use the name and I don't have to have any more babies to do it!! It works out well for mommy! I do think that Ella will enjoy her baby when she gets older, but for now Kyler is having a good time being a "Daddy" to Lily.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ella's Baptism

Daddy, Mommy, Kyler and Ella
Grandpa Smith, Grandma Smith, Kyler, and Ella
Grandpa Snyder, Grandma Snyder, and Ella (Kyler refused to sit for anymore pics!)
Uncle Chris, Aunt Jacki, and Ella
Jacob, Adriane, (Ella's Godparents) and Ella
Great-Grandma Patton (Cody's Grandma) and Ella

On Sunday, we had Ella's baptism at our church. I bought Ella a beautiful pink dress at Babies R Us with matching pink shoes. The shoes, however, are not even close to fitting her. Despite being a chunk, she has amazingly small feet! We were very lucky to have our close family and friends attend the baptism. Thank you to those of you that shared this wonderful day with us.

Fun with Grandpas

Doesn't this thing go any faster Grandpa?

On Saturday Cody and Kyler ventured to Grandpa Snyder's farm to place Otis' grave marker. What is a trip to the farm without helping Grandpa disc the ground?! This time Kyler had a good time helping Grandpa drive the tractor. Kyler was also very eager to help Grandpa and Daddy look for good spots to put some future deer stands. Little do they know that Kyler will not be hunting until he is 20!

This is where the kite is supposed to be.

However, this is where the kite usually was!

Hey Grandpa, why didn't you just buy that Lightning McQueen kite like I wanted?

When they returned home, Kyler had a wonderful surprise. Grandma and Grandpa Smith were eagerly waiting for him. However, Kyler fell asleep on the way home so when he woke up from his nap he got to play, play, play with Grandpa. Kyler and Grandpa even made a trip to the store to buy a kite. When they got home, Daddy, Grandpa, and Kyler went outside to attempt to fly the kite. Grandpa ended up getting a trick kite instead of a simple kite so instead of the kite being in the air, it spent a lot of time in the grass, the middle of the street, and it even ended up in the pond a few times. I think next time Grandpa should buy a simple kite:)

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