Saturday, April 26, 2008

March for Babies

Baby Olivia getting ready for the walk.

Olivia's Aunt, Laura, made Giraffe streamers for everyone to carry.

This is how Kyler ended the day! He got to jump in the Elmo bouncer.

This morning we all headed to Sedgwick County Park to walk in the March of Dimes March for Babies. We were on the Olivia and Logan team. What a wonderful day for a walk! The weather was perfect and so many people showed up to support the families. It was great! I have been following Olivia and Logan's story from the very beginning. I met Ryan and Jodi about 7 years ago so their story has really touched my heart. It's one thing to just read about it on random blogs, it's a totally different thing when you actually know the family. Ryan and Jodi have been through so much, it was great to see them out and about with smiles on their faces.

The walk went quite well. We started out with our team, then Kyler saw the toys and away he went. After we got him back in the stroller there was no way we were going to catch our group so we just went at our own pace. About halfway through the walk Kyler decided he wasn't riding anymore so daddy had to carry Kyler on his shoulders. Ella was crying because she was hungry. I brought bottles for her but she wasn't having any of that. She wanted mommy, and well, I'm good, but I just didn't think I could walk and breastfeed at the same time. Ella finally fell asleep during the walk. It was an interesting walk!

It's Finally Here!

Grandma getting ready to hit the baseball.
Grandpa pitching the ball.
Daddy boxing

What's finally here, you ask? My new Wii, of course! After researching for several weeks, I finally found the lowest price I possibly could and just went ahead and ordered it. It is actually Cody's Wii. It is his anniversary present. The 5th year is electronics right? No? Well it is in our house! I haven't had much time to play, Cody however has decided that playing Wii is much more important then anything else. I may have to hide it in order to get some things done around the house! Kyler has enjoyed the bowling game, but I think he is just a bit to young to really get it. Maybe after he watches us a few more times he will understand what to do.

Last night Grandma and Grandpa Snyder came down to play. Grandma had a blast, Grandpa however, wasn't so into it. That's ok Grandpa. Maybe when we get the bow hunter game you'll like it more:)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's a....

My sister and her husband just found out today that they are having a baby BOY!

This is what they were hoping for and are both so excited about it. Congratulations Aunt Jacki and Uncle Chris. We can't wait to meet the gorgeous little bundle of Boy:) We love you.

Home again

This week Cody had to head to St. Louis so after we finished at Mom's Day Out on Tuesday Kyler, Ella, and myself headed to my folks house. Grandma and Grandpa Snyder were nice enough to "babysit" Belle. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! I know you kind of get the short end of the stick there but we really appreicate your help.

Before we arrived, my mom made a Walmart run and she showed up with a new "Bye-Bye" for Kyler. He loved his new car. Luckily, it wasn't raining on Tuesday so he was able to ride it that night. Unfortunately, it rained the rest of the week so he wasn't able to ride it much. I am sure we will be back at mom and dad's soon so he will get lots of use out of it! (I actually thought we may have to drive Kyler's new car home since gas is so darn expensive!)

On Wednesday we headed to Lawrence to eat with Aunt Jacki, Uncle Chris, Uncle Adam, and (soon to be) Aunt Cherie. It was great to see them. Aunt Jacki even has a bit of a belly! She looked adorable and I am so excited to be an Aunt!

We had to come home on Thursday because we had "Mommy and Me" pictures scheduled at Camera Angles. However, before we headed home we stopped at Bennigan's and ate lunch with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Adam. It was a pretty uneventful lunch, other then the fact that they had this cool St. Patty's day poster board and I just had to get a picture of Kyler in it!

Thursday Thirteen

My Thursday Thirteen theme for this week:

13 Reasons Why Family is Important

1. You will always have your family.
2. Your children will grow up to be great friends (especially if they are close in age).
3. Your family is your group of loyal supporters.
4. You can ask your family for anything and they are always right there with whatever you need.
5. You are molding your children for the future. The way you act and the things you do (and say or write) will be seen by them.
6. Family brings out the best in us (and the worst!)
7. Our family understands us better than anyone.
8. Nobody cares more about us then our own family.
9. The better we are to our spouses, children, parents or siblings etc. the more they will want to be better to us.
10. Grandparents are your saving grace! They will always take your kids when you need some much needed rest!
11. Your family can tell you the truth. Even when you don't want to hear it!
12. Family can always make you smile.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Our New Bling

You mean I get to keep this?

Sweet! Thanks Mommy and Daddy!

Close up of Ella's beautiful ring.

Close up of Mommy's beautiful ring.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a Baby ring for Ella and a Mother's ring for me. I was able to justify buying it because I am counting it as my Mother's Day present:) The rings finally came today. I ran up to get them and they turned out great. It's hard to make November (orange) and January (red) birthstones look pretty together, but since the stones are quite small the ring turned out really pretty. They had so many different rings to chose from that I had a hard time choosing. I knew I wanted one with small stones because of the colors and one that I could have their names engraved on, but that is all that I had decided. As you can see, both rings are quite pretty. Don't worry, Ella won't be wearing hers-it would definitely be a choking hazard for her since her hands are constantly in her mouth!

Way To Go Ella!

This is how Ella started out.

She's almost there. Can she do it?

Yes, she can!

Today I had Ella laying on the floor on her back. She had to really strain to see me. In fact, she strained so hard that she rolled herself right over! Ella can now officially roll from her tummy to back and back to tummy! When she finally got all the way over she was so proud of herself she couldn't stop smiling-and neither could I! I think she thought it was a game because she just kept rolling back and forth. Way to go Ella G!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

(Un)eventful Weekend

This weekend, we did, well nothing. It was so gorgeous outside that we all just hung out at home. Sort of, on Saturday, Ella and I went shopping while Cody and Kyler stayed home. Ella and I hit the mall, Best Buy, and our last stop was, of course, Walmart. Several interesting things happened along the way. While we were at the mall a saleswoman asked how old Ella was, when I said that she is 3 months old, she said, wow she's kind of chunky, huh. No she is not, it's all muscle thank you very much! When we were at Walmart, my friend, Adriane called. As I was talking to her I looked down and realized that my shirt was inside out. It had been like that ALL DAY! Why didn't anyone tell me! How embarrassing! While Cody and Kyler were hanging out at home, Cody asked Kyler if he wanted to have some steak for lunch. Kyler's eyes got really big and he said, "Snake? For lunch Daddy?" After Cody stopped laughing, he tried to explain that it was steak, not snake. I think Kyler still thought he was eating snake.
On Sunday we went to church. We always bring some juice for Kyler to drink. Daddy got the juice for Kyler while I got Ella ready. About 15 minutes into church Kyler was bouncing off the walls. He's not usually the quietest kid in the church, but he's usually not like that. When I asked Daddy what type of juice he gave K, he said it was Vitamin Water. For those of you that haven't tried or seen the Vitamin Water before, there are all different types. Cody chose the "energy" one for Kyler. No wonder he was so hyper! The caffeine finally wore off around 1:30pm and he crashed!
Another Funny: The other day, Cody put Kyler down for a nap while I ran into town. Kyler has a really bad habit of getting up once you put him in bed. So when Cody heard him get out of bed he was all prepared to get after him, then Kyler started saying, Daddy my pants, my pants. When Daddy got a closer look he realized that after he changed Kyler's diaper he accidently put both legs in the same pant leg! Sorry Kyler!
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